Sunday, December 03, 2006

By Mabs

Layer ONE : On the Outside

Name: Toh "eef" Ee Fei
Birth Date: March 7th, 1988 (remember that people!)
Eye color: Almond-y
Hair color: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Fish fish

Layer TWO : On the Inside

Your heritage: I'm a Cinapek
Your fears: Being the useless bum in the family.
Your weakness: Communicating with adult strangers.
Your perfect pizza: Hawaiian supreme with pepperoni and extra extra cheese.

Layer THREE : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up: So fast one?? Can I steal another 5 mins?
Your bedtime: For the past month, anytime from 8pm-4am
Your most missed memories: I love my past, but I don't miss it. Memories are to be made, not dwelled upon.

Layer FOUR : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: Chuuup, coca cola~~
McDonalds or Burger King: Mc Dee's.
Adidas or Nike: Adidas! Nike can eat my Adidas shorts! (But I like their ads tho)
Lipton tea or Nestea: Neither. Boh Gold pick or an assortment of chinese teas for me thank you.
Chocalate or Vanilla: Choco fan.
Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee.

Layer FIVE : Do you

Smoke: I'll smoke when I know I'll die in 3 days.
Curse: Bwahahahahhaha. As if.......I don't.
Take a shower: Always. Why soak in your own dirt?
Want to get married: Of course, but my mom thinks I won't. Bleh
Believe in yourself: Almost always. Keyword almost.

Layer SIX : In the Past Month

Drank alcohol: Yes, but just tinsy winsy bits this time.
Gone to mall: Yes but sadly, NOT to shop for myself. Sigh.
Been on stage: The world's a stage baby.
Eaten Sushi: I wish. Someone bring me to Shogun~~~~~~
Dyed your hair: No. Hair sucking nowadays. Must pamper it first.

Layer SEVEN : Have you Ever?

Played a stripping game: Teehee. Yea, but I hardly lost.
Changed who you were to fit in: Once and now I'll never will.


Age you are hopping to get married: Late twenties maybe, but who knows..

Layer NINE : In a Guy/Girl

Best eye color: Grey or hazel
Best hair color: Dirty, dirty blond
Short or long hair: Not too long, but not to short either. Til the shoulder's ok.

Layer TEN : What were you doing

1 minute ago: Wondering who reads my blog from the Inktomi Corp. in US
1 hour ago: Reading John Grisham's 'The Runaway Jury'. Not his best work.
4.5 hours ago: Sleeping. Hehe. Yeah.
1 month ago: Stressing for my finals.
1 year ago: SPM-ing. Bleh.

Layer ELEVEN : Finish the Sentence

I love: food
I feel: hungry
I hate: cockroaches.
I miss: money
I need: more money.

Layer TWELEVE : Tag 5 people
No. Tagging is evilllll.


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