Friday, December 22, 2006

Dedicated to Sue Ann

Remember my to-do list? Sakura Mao Ze Dong was right. I jinxed it by actually writing it.

#1 Didn't happen (the shop ran out of ammo when we went, and the lady boss wouldn't let me bring in pellets from outside) Anyone up for a round?

#2 I can cancel out, but I still wanna do more shopping. I need new pants!

#3 Ahahaha tried, but didn't happen. We spent a whole day walking everywhere and bought everything from reload cards to high heels but we didn't get a single thing for the picture wall.

#4 The only bbq that happened was my sister's party. (Oh the lamb and pork was, as Ty would put it,so totally orgasmic)

#5 Can't get cancelled off since I have not enough kaki to go with. So far, those interested are only Amilyn and her cousin, Tsze, Vicki, KH and myself. Sigh. So cheap somore the package. RM120 for 3d2n lodging,3 meals a day, some sort of tour and the ferry tickets. Anyone wanna go? Preferably 27-29 or 28-30 of Dec 2006 la.

#6 I don't know whether they deserve one now. Seriously. I'm feeling a little 'not fun' (translate it la) with some of them. I take back my words about PM12 being like Jati.

#7 Hahahahaha Total Bull Poop. I was at square 3 at the start of the year. Now I'm at square 1.

#8 Still doing.

#9 Not needed. I had a design for her, but she rather have one copied off from Miami Ink.

#10 I've been doing it so much I'm sick of it. Shocking right?

#11 Rob mae edi oso no use, unless they'll play on a normal CD player. The PC's CD-Rom's fried.

#12 I'll do next week. If I don't procrastinate. If I feel like it. If I can decide the colour scheme. Hahahaha you get it la.

#13 Halfway through. Chia, can you teach me how to knit?

#14 Christmas will be tomorrow for me, but New Year's slot is still empty.

#15 - 21 Still waiting. 58 days to go!!!!

#22 is ongoing albeit slowly.

#23 is giving me headaches. I have no idea what is what now.

#25 - 29 I have been doing in excess, but I still want to. XP

#30 - 48 is partially done. I think, no, I know it'll only get done when my time is up on this world.


At 22 December, 2006 22:14 , Blogger chia wen said...

hie fei!
can teach!
but christmas gonna end liao looo!
and it took me a month to knit those stuffs. =P
good luck!

ps: wat happened to ur blog?

At 22 December, 2006 22:37 , Blogger e-Fei said...

haha chia, i've trying to cancel off #23

major headache now.


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