Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ride 4 Life

the Rotaract Club of Damansara is organising a trip to a charitable come in Ipoh,called Hannah Home.

Hannah Home looks after 4 infants, 4 old folks and another 50 children right from First Year at Standard 1 to Form 6. Sadly, most of them are not as fortunate as we are, thus they are organising a HUGE MOTORCYCLE CONVOY there on the 17th of December 2006 (no mat rempits please!) to provide the children with a Commercial Rice Cooker (they cook for over 50 people a day), stationeries (pens, pencils, rulers etc..), toiletries (tooth paste, soaps etc..), and pretty much whatever we are able to help with…. But to top all that off, we will be paying KFC to cater LUNCH for the WHOLE HOME! (We are also getting Chooky the Mascot).

We need help from all of you. We need sponsors (any amount you can contribute) and we need volunteers. If you have a motorcycle and would like to ride with us, or if you don't mind driving down and helping us with the load of things we will be carrying, join us. All Volunteers will need to pay RM 50 for bikers (RM 30 for cars) and will be provided with a RIDE 4 LIFE T-Shirt, KFC Lunch, Breakfast and Tea time meals. (Cars will only be enjoying Lunch with us and the children at the home.)

Cash sponsors can either bank in the amount into our CIMB Account or send us a cheque. We will arrange pick ups, or even CASH, we will provide you with a receipt. WE NEED EVEN THE SMALLEST DONATIONS !

If you want to donate items which you feel would be of use to Hannah Home, please call the number below and we will again arrange a pick up!.


This Project is Jointly Organised by The Rotaract Club of Damansara, SpitFire Bikers, and Ascend Events .

Community Service Director

Past President

Rotaractor Ravinder Singh D.

Rotaract Club of Damansara

District 3300, Malaysia

Mobile : 01nine 3255 8two5

Fax: 03- 7nine54 23four5


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