Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rotaracty Christmas

Went for RAC Subang's christmas bbq last night.

The food was simple but great, the people, as usual was fun. Just a typical bbq actually, but it was fun watching working adults act like kids around the playground. Li Wei and her friend Daniel was so cute on the seesaw. Will post a pic I took of them if I can get my hands on it.

Food was basic bbq food; chicken wings, ham, coktail sausages, and the Malaysian fav, ikan bakar. The ikan bakar was different though becouse instead of just a chilli paste marinade, Li Wei added mayo. No marshmellows this time though Lilian was bugging Tommy to go get some for her. cute.

Since we did the bbq outdoors, naturally there wasn't enough light so we had to use 3 (yes, THREE) extension cords to plug in a chargable emergency light and also candles around the benches. Hehehe, now i know what to do for couples.

After eating, we went indoors to chill and play chat kap gie (7 level pig??) Hahaha it was so hilarious. Remind me to teach you guys how to play it when we meet up later. Sadly, noob me became the piggie of all piggies.Luckily I could just tah pau the food instead of gobbling it all up there.

What would a Christmas party be without presents so before we left we traded gifts. I got chocolates and Daniel got my singing teddy. =D


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