Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I know, I know. How slow can I be right? Nothing major happened, so the mood to blog didn't happen too.

Well, all my plans to go for a holiday in Pangkor went kapuut. Will try again next..err, this year, after my A-levels. Stressing abit thinking about my future. Or at least I hope I would have a future. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

NYE wasn't so fun this year. Went to the Curve with Ty, Wen, KH and others instead of the Rotaract thing. Regretted it abit then when I found out Ty didn't reserve tables at Laundry and expected alcohol-intolerant KH to pay 30 bucks to go into the-bar-above-Laundry-that-I can't-remember-the-name. Ended up sitting on the stairs with our cans of booze. Laugh la, laugh la I know la. The first thing that came to my mind then was "Oh shit I've become a foreign worker."

Saw 2 of my bitches there. Damn. Missed seeing him. Damn. Bumped into my new aunt-in-law tho. Shaun and Wilson too. Hands down Shaun was the dressiest person there man. Got tie somore weh. By the start of the new day, I had 2 blisters. Shows how long it has been since I walked far. Went to BK for donno what reason before Wen sent me home. Damn she has cute friends. Classmate somore. Why all the chun guys have to be second degree aquaintences one??? No fair. *pout* Her class had 7 girls. Mine has 7 guys. Grrrrrr.

As usual, gossiped in the car, did silly things in the car. Cussed lousy drivers in the car. Hahahahha. At least I didn't dance in the car la. Wanted to but Wen would have been humilated by my mere presence. Haha. Mummy said the food at Itallianese that night was sooooo bad. The wine too. No surprise there. Ikea has yummy hotdogs for only rm2. A little kid ignored me and kept staring at my lollipop until a balloon caught her sight. My kid-friendly-ness is going down the drain. I think it's an age thing.

Best thing that happened was the fireworks. Kevin (who's now back in SG) got the whole thing. Will post it up if he sends it to me. Took only a couple of pics and as usual, they're with Ty the camwhore.

Went shopping with the sis yesterday. Hehe we're gonna wear matching tops for CNY. Bwahahaha. The idea of wearing EVERYTHING matching is still in my mind. Found a cropped jacket that I like. 50% discount somore. Went to pay, then jeng jeng jeng the price tag was after discount. Damn. Been thinking about it all day. Will get it if it's still there the next time I go there. If it's not, the Big Boss doesn't want me to have it then. Anyone wanna get me a present? =P

edit: I got the jacket~!!!weeeeeee! and Daddy gave me cash so I only paid bout half myself~!!=D

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