Saturday, January 27, 2007

Aimi's Wish list

Aimi, being the thick skinned person that she is, asked me for a favour. "Publish my birthday wish list pleaaasssseeeee". Fine la, since I've not updated anyway.

No 7:

'It Girl Frame Satchel' from Juicy Couture.

No. 6:

Roberto Coin Crown Necklace.

No. 5:

"Lady Dior" wristlet in black perforated leather and pink Cannage (Reference no. PEB43418J NOP1)

No. 4:

Salvatore Ferragamo's Gancini Rhinestone sunglasses.

No. 3:

Dolce & Gabbana's Bangle watch.


Apple's iPhone.

No. 1:

Kimi "Iceman" Raikonen


Adam Brody


(Omg he's so skinny!) Mr Orlando "McHottie" Bloom


Patrick Demspey


Chad Micheal Murray (If you're his agent and want to hook Aimi up, please go through me and I'll pretend I'm Aimi! *fawn* *drool*)


Hugh Grant


Daniel "Bond, James Bond" Craig.

Damn this girl has expensive taste.

p/s: Aimi says, "'and if the pictures don't already say it, Aimi wants a gorgeous, hot guy, that makes her swoon all over, and she thinks its not too much to ask".

Aimi, asking for any guy to swoon over you is too much to ask. Bwahahhahah!!

p/p/s: Fei is feeling very evil tonight. I think it's the empty stomach.

edit: Ahahahaha I am so blur about the entertainment business. If Orlando Bloom comes up to me, I'll say " Hi Johnny Depp!" instead!


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