Monday, January 22, 2007

Changes through time

Sorry for the lack of updates.

The past few days have been very emotional for me. Why? Stupid AS results la. Classic case of procrastinator and lazy bummer getting his (or in this case, her) just desserts.

I wasn't the only one effected. Many of my classmates are contemplating dropping a subject; many more would like to re-sit a subject (myself included). Gave differing A2 finals a thought, but then I would be wasting alot of my parents ever-dimishing supply of money. A close friend of mine is totally dropping out if A-Levels even (Babe, I'll miss you but I think you're doing the right thing. Remember our promise to push each other ya?).

From a class of 33 in January 2006, only 30 remain. One with a change of subjects thus a change of class, one to a change heart (and country even) (good luck in Australia Wai!) and one to another course.

Even though 30 of us still remain for the next 6 months, many of us won't be together for all subjects much longer. I think I would be missing many friendly faces in Biology and Chemistry too.

I realise that as I grow older, I tend to contemplate about the past and future more. I would have the-good-old-days thoughts and predict where each of us stand in 10 years time. Would we be what we want to be, where we want to be, how we want to be? Would we even be here on Earth then? Would there even be planet Earth as we now know it then?
Sometimes I wish I would live long enough to see the first flying, eco-friendly car on the road, sometimes I wish I would be dead before mankind kill themselves with pollution.

What a fickle mind evolution (or The Boss (not Boss Stewie)) gave me.


At 23 January, 2007 09:05 , Blogger Chia Wen said...

No wonder there're a few people in my course who came from uncompleted A-Levels laaaa..
I was like wondering why these people like waste money and all.

I wish I would be dead before a WW3 happens, when everyone is living in poverty and a rotten economy with no advance.

I wish I would be dead before Malaysia starts forcing us to put the "bin" and "binti" in our names and maybe even banning us from speaking in cantonese or mandarin.

At 23 January, 2007 10:05 , Blogger Boss Stewie said...

e-fei.. please remind chia wen that ADP is where all the slackers go and A-levels is where all the future prime ministers go :P

At 23 January, 2007 13:46 , Blogger Her Fei-ness said...

bwahahhahaah!! eh chia heard/read that anot??

At 24 January, 2007 17:01 , Blogger Chia Wen said...


At 30 January, 2007 15:19 , Blogger Boss Stewie said...

you... you mean... not... boss stewie??? okay...

*turns around and walk away head down


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