Saturday, January 27, 2007


Pictures from the night we go lost trying to find a restaurant.
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The only two pictures from the restaurant.


The fried ice cream aka victim.

Supper at Paddington's in OU.

Mae mae's cuppa coffee (siao girl)

Slurp slurp! (*Sob* I want him to share it with...=( )

Ty and KH with his photocopied smile.

Ahahahaha. I'm gonna miss you so much girl!

Another version of KH's photocopied smile.




I'm salivating just by looking at the picture.

A sampat-ing pic is always a must.

Yer, I look like a zombie here.


At 27 January, 2007 23:53 , Blogger Chia Wen said...

u wanna share with him?
tysern ar?
Ken Hui ar?
why didn't u just ask them ar?? :p

At 28 January, 2007 14:06 , Blogger Her Fei-ness said...


*runs and jumps from the balcony*

At 29 January, 2007 18:44 , Blogger Chia Wen said...

*Looks on in amazement at the floating Feiness in the air*



At 30 January, 2007 08:31 , Blogger Amilyn said...

the food looks diviiineee...... *drool*

im in a hungry state at the moment


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