Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm boycotting a certain bank (erm, call it Bank M la k.)

Not only does their timing for everything suck (note changing is for 2 hours in the late morning ONLY) but their staff has ZERO PR skills.

Let's say you work as a banker, cashier, char kuey tiao man, or any other job where people have to wait in line to engage in your service. You see a Jessica Alba hot chick cute little girl customer patiently waiting for the guy in front of her to finish. Suddenly, some I'm-the-boss-of-the-world-becouse-I'm-a-bussinessman person cuts in and asks "Eh, here can collek check r?" (Check book you idiot!).

Ok. What sould you do in such a situation? Keep in mind your in the SERVICE sector, and if there are no depositors, your company will dwindle and die and you'll be kicked out and land face first in a pile of doggie poo.

Option 1: Ignore the idiot line-jumper and service the following customer. (sounds wrong, but wtv la)

Option 2: You whack scold tiu advise the line-jumper to wait for his turn

Option 3: You turn to the line-jumper, pull a sub machine gun out and fill him with holes as you scream "Ooi scc hkl uf you're not superior to everyone!!!!!!!"

Option 4: You ignore every other customer who had been waiting and postrate yourself on the ground and bow 50 times before telling the "God" that yes, he can collect his check book there at counter 3"

Guess which option the fool choose?



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