Wednesday, February 21, 2007

edit: Dragon Horse Sperm God!!

Hahahaha. Long ma jing sun. Geddit? ahaha,fine la, wtv la. (tank kiew yew Wingz)

Just came home from my grandparents' place early this morning. Omb the traffic jams so not nice. We took 6 hours to get to Ipoh instead of the normal two and coming back, we took 3.5 hours. Crazy right? Sigh.

This year is very scary. My grandfather kena stroke (not raba ok, the brain thing one) a few days before CNY and was hospitalised. After scanning, the docs found hemorrhaging in his left brain, so now my granddaddy's right side is paralysed and cannot speak.Even his left hand is very weak. All the sounds he can do now is just soft grunts and snores. Thankfully, the blood clot didn't get worse, but it didn't get better either so he was put under observation. He was admitted to the Ipoh GH, but since he's in stable condition now and they need the bed space for all the reckless drivers and victims he'll be discharged either today or tomorrow.

A single minute can cause so much change. My heart breaks every time I look at him. He hardly looks like my darling gong gong now. Becouse he had to be prepared for emergency surgeries, he had to fast for the first 5 days he was there so now he shrunk so much. I remember a time when I would put my ear on his belly and ask " Gong Gong yau baybee ah?" (Grandpa, are you pregnant?"). His breathing is so shallow and laboured now, and his knees have to be wrapped up tightly to reduce the swelling.

I know I shouldn't be having those thoughts, but I can't help it. Even if he gets better, he'd be bedridden for the rest of his life, he won't be able to eat his favourite foods anymore, he won't even be able to smile his trademark smile anymore. I don't think I would want to live that way if he was me. But would he?

Pray for him.


At 23 February, 2007 22:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Ee Fei, it's pretty bad to heard such a news :( I understand ur feelings cuz it's been happened b4 to my grandpa. T.T Hope ur grandpa will recover asap! :)

At 25 February, 2007 18:25 , Blogger Wingz said...

eh wrong ler! long mah jing sun is call Dragen Horse Sperm God la!!! LOL!

At 26 February, 2007 18:08 , Anonymous sueann! said...

>>> My grandfather kena stroke (not raba ok, the brain thing one)

OMG how on earth do you come up with stuff like that?? HAHAHA not raba?

on a more serious note, i'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather. this year illness star very strong.
sickness is disturbing because it forces us to confront our mortality.
medical care now is relatively better than in the past. things should be okay. insya-allah


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