Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fatten me up.

Went to college today, and yay! Kevin remembered the chocolates!

Why is it Singapore gets all the newer stuff first? Not fair! Malaysia has a bigger population what! Malaysia has me weh! And Gracie! and Joanne! and Aimi! lol.

After classes, Fi picked me up and we went for lunch with her family at Good Evening Bangkok. Food there's quite nice, but it's the kind of place you want people to take you to, not to take people too, unless you don't know what to do with your money la. (*pssst* can give me what~)

Went over to her place next after laughing over the tiniest things, (pok? cock? tiger? where's the dragon~?) and she gave me Easter chocs!! Weeeeeeeeeee! You might be thinking "yer so jakuuuuunnnn" but well, ya la I'm jakun for this la. People never see real easter choc egg before ok. Not until so big la. And not filled one oso. Siao ah? With Malaysian appetites, 15 seconds oso rampas edi lo.

For size comparison.

Yes, I do jakun sometimes. =P

No need eat dinner liao.

p/s: Mae, guess guess somore la... guess correct then I cheng you (only you ah) a WHOLE roti planta. Bwahahahahhahaah...Will tell answer in a week/next post, which ever is later.


At 03 May, 2007 13:32 , Blogger ~.'.*KhInKo*.'.~ said...

The M&M goodies looks damn weird..:P


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