Friday, April 13, 2007

Hannibal - Watched

Jeng jeng jeng jeng~~

I bought my earphones liao! And there's still money left over for my sandals! yay!
How this smart fly save rm41 leh? I tell you my secret la... wait for good deals! Get edi, then hentam oni! lol

Sometime last week, there was an ad in the Star newspaper. RM59 for Creative's EP-630 earphones as compared to the normal rm99 (or, if you order online,S$45). Of course I cepat-cepat call kaki to go with me la. Sad case, I kena ffk. =/ but nvm, family stuff ma. And you know what I realised? I have NO geek friends. Zero. Kosong. Tadak. Zip. Zilch. Nil. (hehe, I like ah). So this poor fly went aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I hateeeeee going out aloneeeeeeeeeee.

But still happy! Thanks to Mabs, V, Tsze and Aimi, I got new earphones and getting new sandals. =D

O! Before I forget. I watched Hannibal Rising already. For me, it's not worth RM11, but definately worth the RM8 student ticket. And thanks to previews before the movie starts, I'm adding another wanna-watch movie: Zodiac.Their site says it's been released, but I've a feeling it's not coming to Malaysia, or only on the 30h of August. Hmmm.


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