Monday, April 16, 2007

Wierding-ness. Who me?

Tagged by GracieWacie. Iyo, so hard to think of 6 wierd things about me la..I'm not wierd, I'm unique. =P

  1. I want to be the wife of a rich, old, sickly man. (I'm sure you want to also righttttt??)
  2. I can read fiction non-stop but the moment you put notes in front of me, I fall asleep.
  3. When I hear repetitive sounds in the right (well, wrong more like it) conditions, I get paranoid.
  4. I love rides with the "umph" factor, but once I get on, I get scared and want to get down.
  5. When I start laughing, I take forever to stop. Once I do, a cheeky smile can get me laughing again.
  6. I like the feeling I get in my ears when I clean them.
  7. All my childhood dreams I can remember are really wierd. Very fantasy/sci-fi/thriller one.

Whoops, 6 oni I gip 7...=P

I tag: Boss Stewie, ficia and anyone else who have not done this before. ( Hardly anyone I think.)


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