Saturday, May 05, 2007

Falalalala lala la la

Exams are commmmmmiiiiinnnng~~~~
omb omb omb omb~~~~~

*deep breaths*

ok. To keep my mind off the horrors of life, I'm going to think of all the nice things that's going to happen after the nightmare.

1. Prom.
Weeee~~ Must find date. Or shall I get a version of Carrie Bradshaw's "best friend" ? Bwahahhaha...eeew. No money to buy new dress la, but lucky thing sis feeling generous. If she likes how I look in the dress, she's buying it for me.=D Weeeeeee~~ oh wait, I said that already.

2. Finale of SYTYCD Malaysia.
Cheng cheng cheng I want to dance like them~~ I want to grace TVLand with my face again.. hehe, sound so ditzy, like Aimi. *evil laugh* Cannot stop kutuking her la, even online. Aim, are you reading this?? Pls do.

3. Redang.
3 whole days on an island knowing only my sister would be fun... right? Don't care la. Since no one wants to go the Pangkor with me, can tan to get a single skin tone in Redang la. Note to self: Find swim suit. Ask che to teach how to swim.

4. Bangkok.
Hwa donno whether FAMA will let anot. Donno if can find enough bodyguards anot. Donno if can stop being paraniod for a week or not.

5. The King and I.
Yes, the newly coronated King (aka Agung la) and I have a "thing" together. *blush*
He is the King of Malaysia, I am Queen of Eating. Both oso royalty. Damn I'm getting so lame. All your fault.

Might be watching the play "The King and I" with Feilicia. A matter of timing and money only now.

6.Micheal Learns to Rock.
After tutoring him for the past 15 years, I think he's doing quite nicely no? Ahahahha. again with the laming. Again all your fault. Want to go for their concert in Genting in July. Again a matter of timing and money. At least I know I will have kaki la.

Reminds me of a convo with my sis:

Me: ML2R coming to Malaysia. Want to go?
Her: Wah so old edi they all. Cheh, I'm sure your generation won't go one.
Me: Who say... They're like, classic?
Her: -.-" .... classic. -.-"

7. Ee Fei Learns to Dance.
But I need money. #%$@%^ It's all about the money. Latin, jazz funk, hip hop maybe...lion? hehe.

But all that... can only be done... after my... my... exams~~~~~~~~~~!!



At 20 May, 2007 07:43 , Blogger freethinker said...

What is OMB ?

At 20 May, 2007 13:48 , Blogger her Fei-ness said...

OMB = Oh My Buddha.

I'm a Buddhist. a very open one. =D


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