Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sailormoon's Birthday

Dang, lighting cacatized the chicken bag.

Sampat pic #2. Kevin said I looked constipated in #1 so too bad.

Mich, Sailormoon, Kev-who-said-I-looked-constipated, Jack Jack.

Proof that Kev messes with his hair too much.

Bwahahaha. Err, don't ask me why the TGIF staff planted the candles that way.

Malaysian chinese family style. Tambah a malay. Anak angkat. Lol.


At 28 May, 2007 16:35 , Blogger wen said...

hehe..i put my candles like that as well...sometimes.

it's like, ur wish comes true if all the candles are blown out, so we put one separately so ur wish won't come true!! evil rite??

At 28 May, 2007 16:36 , Blogger wen said...

oh...i just realized i called myself evil =p

At 28 May, 2007 21:42 , Blogger freethinker said...

wah..really look like sailormoon


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