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No, it's not a new STD, nor is it some techie techie abbrevation. It's So You Think You Can Dance.

This year, a number of foreign reality TV shows decided to have Malaysians star in it. SYTYCD, Project Runway, Deal or No Deal. No, it's not some copy product like the one a certain college/company did (I sked kena sue leh) but the real deal.

Why did I bring this topic up? Becouse I want to la. Hehe. My sis has wanted to join SYTYCD in the first place, but as the callback days clashed with work she decided not to. After watching the first episode, she regretted. We both were dissapointed at amount of fab dancers, or more like the lack of fab dancers. One who tried even made me nauseous. *shiver* (If you are who I'm talking about, please, please do the whole world a favour and never dance like that EVER again)

But at least the 20 who made it into the finals are good la. If it was like Malaysian Idol, iyo, I don't want to watch anymore la. The SYTYCD people had a lucky draw thingy where you stand a chance to win a VIP ticket for yourself if you register and lucky her, my sis won.

The details were quite vague. The SMS she got said "Congrats blablabla... you won a guestlist blablabla..." So we thought all of us will get VIP tickets la. Didn't say how many she can invite somore so we thought "waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so nice ah?" and went to collect the tickets at Sri Pentas. We went there and the guy even asked " Semua ah?" and waved the WHOLE stack of tickets. Not to be greedy, my sis took 8 oni la. One for herself, 3 for me and my friends and the rest for her friends.

And then it was Thursday. We went down to Ruums, had dinner (NEVER eat at the mamak area near Ruums. Sucky food with sucky service and sucky price. RM6.XX for 4 teh-o ais limau, crazy ah? Don't park there too. RM11 for about 4 hours. Jocky service oso 15 bucks oni la!).

By then it was time to enter and omb so the banyak orang! After finally squeezing to the entrance (since they were calling those with guestlists) they let my sister in. Alone. Wtf? It turns out my sis didn't get A guestlist, she got on the guestlist. So Zue, Suyan and I were stuck outside until someone snuck us in with Orange's (a contestant) family.

Malaysian English man. Ish. Another thing Malaysians aren't good at: timing. We were told doors will close at 8pm sharp. At 8 we were allowed in. The ticket said the show starts at 8.30pm. It was actually a live show, so it started at 9.30. If it was a pre-recorded show, I bet it would have started at 8.30pm...the next day. And they didn't even give us space to dance to the music.

Ish-ness. Iyah, at least there are some pros oso la. One, live dance weh. Two, my sis and I became "judges" ourselves. Teehee. Three, got cute, tall angmoh leh! *fans self* and the last and most important, TV viewers get the joy of seeing my face. Multiple times. Only ppl like a certain Kevin will get nightmares after seeing me on TV.

I doubt I will go for the other episodes, but I definately would like to go for the final round.

Post script: Watch SYTYCD and some other 8TV shows on youtube. clickie!


Malaysia's set not as chun as the American one.

But the viewers here camwhore more. =P


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