Saturday, June 30, 2007

My First Ad!

Yay! My blog is now worthy of getting paid! Bwahahaha. Not bad for a truly personal blog eh? Ok la fine la, there are alot of blogs out there which are also 100% personal but are very interesting reads. Sorry lo, you don't take me out how to have a happening life? Unless there's a niche for blogs which describes every single step taken in the house. Then again, I doubt mine would be that interesting either.

"The first step felt like taking a step. And so did the 32190472142141294582344343 steps taken later in my life."

Bwahhahahaha! That time my blog would only have one post!

More on the ad:

It's from Firefly ( I think) and will start tomorrow and last for only a week. So remember to check it out leh! =P Hopefully I can get my unique readership up but before that I need to change my visitor tracker! Statcounter cannot cut it la now... not accurate one! Any suggestions?

edit: It's now 12.16 AM, 1st July, 2007. Lookie at the sidebar! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Pauline left!

I'm leaving, on a jet plane, Don't know when I'll be back again...
she leeeft, on a MAS plane, but will be back in Deee-ee-cember...


Last night my dearest Pau Pau left for Bangalore, India.
The airport guard lady didn't believe that I was a stewardess, or a pilot.
My sneak in a baggage idea wouldn't work. Overweight. ( rofl)

A tribute to Ms Abigail Pauline Ang:

You'll always be as lovable as Bean, without the bad luck.

Mwaaa! Miss you already!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cyanide & Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Wen introed me to this, and now I'm addicted. I'm now in the '06s.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Of Square Circles and Eunuchs.

Yesterday I went for a last dinner thingy with my fellow newsletter people, and guess how many showed up. Five. Lima. Wu ger ren. Em kor. Like whutatoot. It was just me, lips, Grace, Chistine (I thinky ah?) and Shang Neng. Lucky it wasn't boring, or I would have so regretted. Blehing. Had salmon fettuchini and um, something else. We talked about all the wierdest stuff, from some suboconscious thingy to shapes (All hail square circles!), even to eunuchs. Might do another post one day and see what you guys get ya?

Some funny funny stuffs happened that night. We dared Shang Neng to ask for our waiter's number, and he actually did it! And the waiter gave his number! Seriousness!

After dinner, we went off to Laundry, taught Neng that we females do not piss like a fountain, and got a Lemon Drop tower. Lemon Drop my ass. More like iced lemon tea without the tea. When we complained to "Mr T" our waiter, he said "since someone said they didn't want anything too alcoholic we watered it down". Like, em, no one said that? We brushed it off as miscommunication and got a set of Chemicals and a shot of teq each. The drinkable chemical is the only "Chemistry" I like. No, you cannot whack me for the lame puns.

Youth is a great thing; it allows one to get high and happy without help from outside sources. Tell a joke or even phrase a sentence the wrong way and you'll get a group of happy kiddos laughing away.


Please don't let that all go away the moment I turn 20.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

District 3300 Awards Night

Since most, if not all of my readers are non-Rotaractors/Rotarians/Interactors, let me explain abit about the Awards Night.

It's basically a prize giving dinner held at the end of the Rotaract year (June-ish) for winning clubs in various catagories like best fellowship, best community service project, best newsletter, most handsome , sexiest and so on. This year, it was again organised by RAC Damansara in Holiday Villa Apartment Suites KL. I was told that our current DG (District Governor) partially owns the building, so perhaps that was the reason they chose that venue.

The night was clear, and the view from the top floor, where the dinner was held was spectacular. The lights from Genting was clearly seen, and guess what, it looked very UFO-ish. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me to share the view with you. And did any of you realise how bright they light up both KL Tower and the Twin Towers? Imagine their electricity bill man.

This year's attendence for the Awards Night was quite small, probably becouse very few clubs summited their projects. As I can remember, only 5, 6 clubs attended and except for the organising club, at most there were 2 representatives from each respective clubs. The night started late, as usual Malaysians must make their guests wait for a minimum of an hour, but in last night's case, 1 hour and 30 minutes. By the time all the toasts were done and opening speech given, everyone was Hungry with a capital H. The food was good overall, but there were one or two dishes no one took seconds from.

After eating and listening to speeches, it was time to dish out penalties to those without sarongs. FYI, the theme for the night was "Sarong", so I borrowed my gramp's sarong, folded it height-wise twice and wrapped it around me ala sari. Quite nice if I may say so myself but it kept on coming undone. Too bad I didn't think of pinning it. Penalty time was fun. There were butt-pens, Shakiron (male version of Shakira), even Bollywood style latin dancing together with trees to do the hide-and-seek thingy.

Met many friendly Rotaractors there, and some are so scary. Imagine bumping into 2 Petronas scholars and 3 from KYUEM, the top school for CAL in Malaysia. True, they have hardly anything to do other than study since their in the middle of the jungle but you still have to be a genius to get in! And not forgetting an actuarist to be! She's already been accepted to LSE but she's waiting for better offers. BETTER offers! Like wth weh!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yay! All my pictures have been transferred out of Yahoo! photos to a new server! It took more that the stated 48 hours but nvm la, at least it's not a month!

Click for Shutterfly!

Click for TCSJ CAL Prom Pics !

Click for PM12 pics!

Click to join Facebook and kacau ppl!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunway Lagoon

It was Abby's birthday on Tuesday, and Pei Sze's today, so compromise was made and the celebration was held on Wednesday. Tapi, Pei Sze couldn't make it in the end, so jadi only Abby's birthday oni.

Not much out of the ordinary happened, except for a change in one of the rides. Remember the ride Pirates Revenge? The swinging ship thingy? The ones which swing at most 90 degrees? I got conned. The blardy thing didn't have a cage and it went 360!! I was like OMG PETER WHY YOU DIDN'T TELL ME ONE?!?!?!?!?!?! Their upside-down-ing part was so long somore, omg I was freaking out inside but damn no one was screaming! (There were only about 8 peeps on board.. no hols ma)

Only one good thing came up from that ride. There were 2 very friendly Singaporeans on board as well. Guys. Older. Nanyang-ians. I won't say they were the cutest guys I've seen, but ada gaya and charisma la weh. We kept bumping into each other so I suggested we hang together (the more the merrier what right??) but they had to leave soon for their 2.30 bus. And then we bumped into each other again. Opportunity wasted man at that last meeting. When we were on the ride Pau and I were scheming on a way to get their contact, but bimbo me totally forgot by the end of the ride! Damn man! I think they would have given if we asked, coz one of them kept on looking back as they walked away ( Pau was looking back too, right? Bhwahahha).

Ok, back to the rides. Oh wait one more thing! One of them thought we were Singaporeans too!
They assumed all Malaysians talk like some ah beng mau pigi buat tak tau apa siao siao eh ming kia liddat. But we proved them wrong! Ha! See, Malaysians can speak English without the grammer mistakes too!

Ok, now really go back edi. Sunway Lagoon will be Sunway Lagoon la. Overpriced. RM45 now for the theme park and wet park. *muntah darah* Pocket ada lubang edi. Ever heard someone laugh in the Tomohawk ride? Yes, the one which goes 360 with a cage. No? Well, ever heard 3 people laugh in the ride? Then you weren't there when we sat in the ride. One of us were screaming away (name withheld so he doesn't loose his "man"ness.=P) and that made the other 3 of us girls start to laugh. If someone taped me, it would have played something like this:


Ya. Liddat la.

Wet park was ok, but I think they used too much chlorine or something. I've washed my hair twice and used a whole lot of conditioner but my hair still feels so ugghh.

Had dinner at some RM18.80++ buffet place in Pyramid. Not bad la for a all-you-can-eat for under 20 ringgit. Their ice cream was nice, and they had mashed potatoes! Yum! Mac and tomato was good too. Will bring you all there one day.

No pics with me, so you'll have to wait until I get them from Pau. Night night.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For Chernie

tadah! Nah, my lala pose.

That's why I didn't want to post it up la. But since Chernie wants it, Nah. =P

Monday, June 18, 2007

Moonlight Rendezvous...

... in a building. -.-"

This is for everyone who have never seen KH in anything other than t-shirts, bermudas, or jeans. Feast your eyes on him! (KH, your smile different in this pic can do it!)

My Mentor and Math lecturer = instant registration. No queuing required.

He's in flats, me in heels. Damn.

You should see Shannon in his teensy white tee. Aimi got so turned on. Bwahaha.

Event co-ordinator. Another giant. With heels and I'm only at his CHIN for goodness sake!


Saran. MRS material.

The boys.

My personal VCD seller. =P

Hui Jing Jing Jingy!

Kat, Mich and Yuet.

Ms Anne. My partner against Aimi. Lol. And she doesn't even teach me.

Alvin, Cam whore guru.

Earlybirds get more photos taken.

Bi, Jack, Ms Shobs, Kev, Sammy.

His most awake picture I have.


I have been integrated into Hawaii and Lynn's class as the bullying target.

Chernie. Still so tall.

Mafia-don Sammie.

Bi and bao. Lol.

PM12 girls.

PM12 boys... plus one.

Zue, look at this picture and say you don't look like a wife and you'll be lying.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Billy's Balls. He's a guy who likes to play with balls. Ping pong balls. (No porn here la)

Watch this, and think about the message it's sending. But then again, won't this happen over the Internet too?

Nyehehe. Listen to the lyrics. So cute.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I wash my hands of you.

Today's the last day I ever have to do stuff for my class.

You would think I would miss it, but guess what. I won't.

Finally I don't have to hear grumbles from people who didn't lift a finger or voice their opinion when things don't go their way. Finally I don't have to care if they ignore me when I'm talking/shouting to them. Finally I don't have to do anything for those who do not appreciate the time, effort and even money I put into for them.

If you're reading this, know now that the few of you spoiled my last day with (almost) the whole class.

Happy now?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Big 2-ing

There's a way for school goers to play chor tai dee (Big2) in school and not get caught red handed.

Presenting edible cards.

*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*
*scroll down*

Tahdah! There's your tai dee, sai sam, and 2 misc cards.

The rest of the deck.

The only problem is preventing the players from switching the suits and numbers.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tagged-ed, once again.

5 things in my bag (I'm assuming my go out bag la, rather than my study study nerd nerd bag)
  • purse
  • mp3 player
  • house keys
  • book (fiction/bussiness)
  • lip balm
5 things in my purse
  • money (that is the main function of a purse now, isn't it?)
  • bus tickets, usually unvalid ones
  • facial blotters
  • manyak manyak cards. ID, driver's licence, student ID, discount cards, points cards, etc
  • pocket calendar

5 favorite things in my room
  • my bed and its accesories. (fwuffy piwwow power!)
  • my mini teevee
  • teh flutterby permanently stuck on my curtain (iyo, fake one la, not mati liao one)
  • my cupboard... coz it contains my clothes
  • myself, when I'm in it.

5 things i'm currently in to
  • studying, becouse I have to
  • getting in the loop
  • reading, as always
  • day dreaming about the relaxing 3 months after exams
  • crafting...more like sewing junk la actually. Gonna get someone to teach me how to use the sewing machine after CAL.
5 people i tag
  • evie
  • stef
  • gracie
  • zue
  • kh, so he has no reason not to blog.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is How I Feel

My head feels just like the picture now.

credits to her.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Gimme all your numbers

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I'm damn pissed off right now, so to keep the long story short, I do not have your numbers anymore.

No, it's not my fault.

*bloody hell still damn angry.*

Not only your number is gone, everyone else's too.

* OMG Kings and Queen's number gone!!!*

So email, sms, comment, tag wtv your number to me ya.