Monday, July 02, 2007

Blank Canvas

All righty then. Remember in a previous post I wrote about a series of questions which in the end explains a little about a person? I did say that I'll explain it, but before I do, I want you to answer the questions first. If you don't want me to know your answers, fine but if you want me to interpret your answers, comment abit la kay? Try to give as much detail in your answers as possible.

Imagine your in a clear, empty, totally white space. No lines, no shadow, nothing at all. Just whiteness.

Now imagine a container. It can be a box, a chest, a tupperware, etc of any size, colour, weight. Describe the container as well as you can. Is it plain or intricate? Cheap, or expensive? Where is this container in the space? Middle? Near the wall?

Now think of flowers. How many are there and where? Are any near the container? On it? In it?

There's a ladder in the space. How tall is it? Is it sturdy or would a gust of wind topple it down? Would in reach the ceiling? Or maybe you can't see the top of it?

Now think of a horse (if your female) or a cat (if our male). Give me three words to describe it. Don't bother about colour. Is it free or tied up? Cute, or gruff? Sleek, or shabby? and so on la.

Now about the weather. It's a sunny day but now clouds are forming. How's the weather like? A short shower or Hurricane Katrina? Thunder? Lightning? Are you affected by it or it is just "Hey, it's raining" ?


At 02 July, 2007 19:50 , Anonymous wen said...

i'm imagining that i'm in that cheap takeaway plastic containers that you get when you ta pau food from chinese restaurants that give takeaway plastic containers =p

there is a field full of flowers outside a window a la Sound of Music. it's no where near the container. i'm imagining yellow flowers. like daisies. aih, i'm so cliche

the ladder is like the one you see in cartoons, stretching to infinity. i guess it's sturdy but i'm not imagining the bottom. it's too far down

eyer. i wanna do cat but okie dokie. horse. running, buff(nice body la) and brown..aiya no colour. er. sleek kua

the weather.. it's a short shower. i only notice it after it's over when i hear the zooming cars pass over the puddles of water. and after that, it's sunny again.

At 02 July, 2007 19:51 , Anonymous wen said...

yay yay! i'm the first one to do this. heehee


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