Sunday, June 24, 2007

District 3300 Awards Night

Since most, if not all of my readers are non-Rotaractors/Rotarians/Interactors, let me explain abit about the Awards Night.

It's basically a prize giving dinner held at the end of the Rotaract year (June-ish) for winning clubs in various catagories like best fellowship, best community service project, best newsletter, most handsome , sexiest and so on. This year, it was again organised by RAC Damansara in Holiday Villa Apartment Suites KL. I was told that our current DG (District Governor) partially owns the building, so perhaps that was the reason they chose that venue.

The night was clear, and the view from the top floor, where the dinner was held was spectacular. The lights from Genting was clearly seen, and guess what, it looked very UFO-ish. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me to share the view with you. And did any of you realise how bright they light up both KL Tower and the Twin Towers? Imagine their electricity bill man.

This year's attendence for the Awards Night was quite small, probably becouse very few clubs summited their projects. As I can remember, only 5, 6 clubs attended and except for the organising club, at most there were 2 representatives from each respective clubs. The night started late, as usual Malaysians must make their guests wait for a minimum of an hour, but in last night's case, 1 hour and 30 minutes. By the time all the toasts were done and opening speech given, everyone was Hungry with a capital H. The food was good overall, but there were one or two dishes no one took seconds from.

After eating and listening to speeches, it was time to dish out penalties to those without sarongs. FYI, the theme for the night was "Sarong", so I borrowed my gramp's sarong, folded it height-wise twice and wrapped it around me ala sari. Quite nice if I may say so myself but it kept on coming undone. Too bad I didn't think of pinning it. Penalty time was fun. There were butt-pens, Shakiron (male version of Shakira), even Bollywood style latin dancing together with trees to do the hide-and-seek thingy.

Met many friendly Rotaractors there, and some are so scary. Imagine bumping into 2 Petronas scholars and 3 from KYUEM, the top school for CAL in Malaysia. True, they have hardly anything to do other than study since their in the middle of the jungle but you still have to be a genius to get in! And not forgetting an actuarist to be! She's already been accepted to LSE but she's waiting for better offers. BETTER offers! Like wth weh!


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