Monday, June 18, 2007

Moonlight Rendezvous...

... in a building. -.-"

This is for everyone who have never seen KH in anything other than t-shirts, bermudas, or jeans. Feast your eyes on him! (KH, your smile different in this pic can do it!)

My Mentor and Math lecturer = instant registration. No queuing required.

He's in flats, me in heels. Damn.

You should see Shannon in his teensy white tee. Aimi got so turned on. Bwahaha.

Event co-ordinator. Another giant. With heels and I'm only at his CHIN for goodness sake!


Saran. MRS material.

The boys.

My personal VCD seller. =P

Hui Jing Jing Jingy!

Kat, Mich and Yuet.

Ms Anne. My partner against Aimi. Lol. And she doesn't even teach me.

Alvin, Cam whore guru.

Earlybirds get more photos taken.

Bi, Jack, Ms Shobs, Kev, Sammy.

His most awake picture I have.


I have been integrated into Hawaii and Lynn's class as the bullying target.

Chernie. Still so tall.

Mafia-don Sammie.

Bi and bao. Lol.

PM12 girls.

PM12 boys... plus one.

Zue, look at this picture and say you don't look like a wife and you'll be lying.


At 19 June, 2007 22:48 , Blogger tysern said...

eh...just asking, rendezvous is pronounced "ron-the-woo" right? kinda remember sth like that.

At 19 June, 2007 23:29 , Blogger her Fei-ness said...

ya ty..


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