Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Of Square Circles and Eunuchs.

Yesterday I went for a last dinner thingy with my fellow newsletter people, and guess how many showed up. Five. Lima. Wu ger ren. Em kor. Like whutatoot. It was just me, lips, Grace, Chistine (I thinky ah?) and Shang Neng. Lucky it wasn't boring, or I would have so regretted. Blehing. Had salmon fettuchini and um, something else. We talked about all the wierdest stuff, from some suboconscious thingy to shapes (All hail square circles!), even to eunuchs. Might do another post one day and see what you guys get ya?

Some funny funny stuffs happened that night. We dared Shang Neng to ask for our waiter's number, and he actually did it! And the waiter gave his number! Seriousness!

After dinner, we went off to Laundry, taught Neng that we females do not piss like a fountain, and got a Lemon Drop tower. Lemon Drop my ass. More like iced lemon tea without the tea. When we complained to "Mr T" our waiter, he said "since someone said they didn't want anything too alcoholic we watered it down". Like, em, no one said that? We brushed it off as miscommunication and got a set of Chemicals and a shot of teq each. The drinkable chemical is the only "Chemistry" I like. No, you cannot whack me for the lame puns.

Youth is a great thing; it allows one to get high and happy without help from outside sources. Tell a joke or even phrase a sentence the wrong way and you'll get a group of happy kiddos laughing away.


Please don't let that all go away the moment I turn 20.


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