Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunway Lagoon

It was Abby's birthday on Tuesday, and Pei Sze's today, so compromise was made and the celebration was held on Wednesday. Tapi, Pei Sze couldn't make it in the end, so jadi only Abby's birthday oni.

Not much out of the ordinary happened, except for a change in one of the rides. Remember the ride Pirates Revenge? The swinging ship thingy? The ones which swing at most 90 degrees? I got conned. The blardy thing didn't have a cage and it went 360!! I was like OMG PETER WHY YOU DIDN'T TELL ME ONE?!?!?!?!?!?! Their upside-down-ing part was so long somore, omg I was freaking out inside but damn no one was screaming! (There were only about 8 peeps on board.. no hols ma)

Only one good thing came up from that ride. There were 2 very friendly Singaporeans on board as well. Guys. Older. Nanyang-ians. I won't say they were the cutest guys I've seen, but ada gaya and charisma la weh. We kept bumping into each other so I suggested we hang together (the more the merrier what right??) but they had to leave soon for their 2.30 bus. And then we bumped into each other again. Opportunity wasted man at that last meeting. When we were on the ride Pau and I were scheming on a way to get their contact, but bimbo me totally forgot by the end of the ride! Damn man! I think they would have given if we asked, coz one of them kept on looking back as they walked away ( Pau was looking back too, right? Bhwahahha).

Ok, back to the rides. Oh wait one more thing! One of them thought we were Singaporeans too!
They assumed all Malaysians talk like some ah beng mau pigi buat tak tau apa siao siao eh ming kia liddat. But we proved them wrong! Ha! See, Malaysians can speak English without the grammer mistakes too!

Ok, now really go back edi. Sunway Lagoon will be Sunway Lagoon la. Overpriced. RM45 now for the theme park and wet park. *muntah darah* Pocket ada lubang edi. Ever heard someone laugh in the Tomohawk ride? Yes, the one which goes 360 with a cage. No? Well, ever heard 3 people laugh in the ride? Then you weren't there when we sat in the ride. One of us were screaming away (name withheld so he doesn't loose his "man"ness.=P) and that made the other 3 of us girls start to laugh. If someone taped me, it would have played something like this:


Ya. Liddat la.

Wet park was ok, but I think they used too much chlorine or something. I've washed my hair twice and used a whole lot of conditioner but my hair still feels so ugghh.

Had dinner at some RM18.80++ buffet place in Pyramid. Not bad la for a all-you-can-eat for under 20 ringgit. Their ice cream was nice, and they had mashed potatoes! Yum! Mac and tomato was good too. Will bring you all there one day.

No pics with me, so you'll have to wait until I get them from Pau. Night night.


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