Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tagged-ed, once again.

5 things in my bag (I'm assuming my go out bag la, rather than my study study nerd nerd bag)
  • purse
  • mp3 player
  • house keys
  • book (fiction/bussiness)
  • lip balm
5 things in my purse
  • money (that is the main function of a purse now, isn't it?)
  • bus tickets, usually unvalid ones
  • facial blotters
  • manyak manyak cards. ID, driver's licence, student ID, discount cards, points cards, etc
  • pocket calendar

5 favorite things in my room
  • my bed and its accesories. (fwuffy piwwow power!)
  • my mini teevee
  • teh flutterby permanently stuck on my curtain (iyo, fake one la, not mati liao one)
  • my cupboard... coz it contains my clothes
  • myself, when I'm in it.

5 things i'm currently in to
  • studying, becouse I have to
  • getting in the loop
  • reading, as always
  • day dreaming about the relaxing 3 months after exams
  • crafting...more like sewing junk la actually. Gonna get someone to teach me how to use the sewing machine after CAL.
5 people i tag
  • evie
  • stef
  • gracie
  • zue
  • kh, so he has no reason not to blog.


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