Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Big Red Button

Went kai kai with Fi and Tsze yesterday. Bought a new top and jeans! Yay! Came back and went for the Rotary Subang Installation and realised just how much weight I gained. My skirt hardly fitted. Bleh. But food is goooooooood. >.<

Got dragged up to help with the awards and medallions presentations and wah, my legs got so tired. I think I went on and off that stage at least 10 times. But luckily Rt. Alain was there also, can gossip gossip (hehehhe). I *heart* the medallions! So gaya looking weh! But to be on a Rotary board ah, *shiver*. Wait until I can goyang kaki and still earn millions first la.

Oh! I came across this at wingz blog. Uber cute!


At 10 July, 2007 17:32 , Anonymous Jerry Ong said...

sweat..... it repeat~~~~


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