Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ever since my exams finished, I've been reading and reading and reading non-stop. The first thing I do is open my book and read, and the last thing could be closing my book and sleep. Wahahhaha.I love it. Simply love it. I finally found the "Daughter of the Empire" book in the cover I want and at the same place, I also found "Traitor's Knot" hiding in a corner. Guess where I found my darlings.


Like omg right? MPH, Kinokuniya, the online bookshop thingy, all TAKDE. I masuk Popular to get some book wrapper, and POW! I spot not one, but BOTH my long yearned for books. Nyahahha! Gonna book-shop in Popular more often now.

If you're a major bookworm like me (say rereading all 6 previous books just to get more umph from the 7th) you'll understand the heartache which comes from buying your favourite books. *sigh* 35 bucks a pop burns such a big hole in my pocket. And that is for the old books. If it's newer (3 years since the first publication is considered new), I easily have to dish out RM45 a book. Thankfully, there are second hand bookstores around, namely Pay Less Books. I've only been to the ones in Atria and One Utama, but I'm sure their other shops would have similar books too. Imagine RM16 per paperback or RM35-ish for hardcovers. Cheapo weh! Yes, their books are second hand but so what? Their books are all in good condition and so far, I found no dried boogers.

Today is another good day for me. *grin* RM6 a book. I only got 4 though. Wanted to get more, but mom was in a rush. Where? Hehehehe. It would be one of the last places one would look for books.

Tesco, Puchong.

Like whattatooot right? Bwahahhahahahha. I'm loving Tesco now.


At 20 January, 2008 13:44 , Blogger pamina said...

hehe..agree with u. nvr underestimate the so called cheap places. my gf could nvr buy anywhere else, but she's loving tesco because that's the only place she can shop for her size.

money cant buy everything huh? hehe


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