Sunday, July 01, 2007


Reminds me of when I use the cheat in Sims 2 to move stuff around, in this case, Kevin.

Almost all of us. Pau was camerawoman-ing

Danny and his friend. Looks Singaporean right?

Parental duty: Round 1 - Caring for baggage.

I was trying not to laugh...again.

At the dreaded teapot ride.

One last round!

We picked the wrong person to help us camwhore.

An even worse person to ask would be the waitress.

All right. Remember in the wordy post i wrote about two Singaporeans? Well, it turns out that Pau cought one of them on camera during on of the rides we were on. So, if you know the guy below (Adrian I think?), feel free to direct him to this blog la kay? Hehe. His friend is also in the picture but can only be seen with x-ray vision googles coz he's behind his friend.
(and I'm still looking for the black and gold ladies version of his top.)


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