Monday, July 30, 2007

Langkawi, Day 1

Woke up at an ungodly hour (5 in the MORNING) since daddy wanted to leave by 5.30 to reach the 24 hour McDonald's in Subang by 6am. Met up with the gang (Sam, Kevin and Abby) and Kev's mom drove us to the airport (Thanks loads auntie!). She was so cool. Once this driver horned us for no reason, and the following convo ensued:

Kevin: Show him the finger la mom.
Kev's Mom: Aiyah, I so old edi, Ee Fei, you show la.
Me: Really ah? speed up la. (the car was in front edi by then)
Kev's Mom: *steps on the accelerator*
Me: Ha?! Serious ah?!?!
Kev's Mom: Really!

Nyahahahah. Coolness. Well, went to the airport, checked in, and yay! flight AK 6292 to Langkawi departed on time! And we arrived in Langkawi early too. Yay AirAsia!

We look like morning people. Looks can be deceiving.

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak . Notice the difference? No points for guessing which one is the real-time pic.(Proclaimed best in Malaysia. Nyahaha. Major joke. RM7 somore.) And yes Mae, this is payback!

La Half of the Room. We stayed at Hotel Helang. Good place for the price we paid. RM163.00 a night for a 4 person for with buffet breakfast every morning. The staff there are very nice but getting fresh towels took some time. Hee.Low season, so we could check in at 9-ish. Could've had one more person in the room comfy-ly. A note, do NOT go through AWD. Baaaad experience. (refer refer) Call the hotel straight at 04-9553030.

View from our room.

After settling in, we walked back to the airport to rent a car and got a Nissan Sentra for only RM70 a day and with a little petrol in the tank too(En Yusof Othman Tel:012-527 1881). If you're a P driver, no worries, just bring or buy the stickers and you're good to go.

We then drove to the Underwater world Langkawi. If any of you plan to go there, remember to bring both your MyKad and student ID to get cheaper tickets. If you're Malaysian and a student, the ticket's only RM20.


Sam molesting a penguin and Kev molesting Sam. Hee!

Yes Julia, there ARE snow-topped mountains in Langkawi.

Stingray and shark. Not the biggest tau.

Guess what's this. Uber cute one.

Side profile. Really, guess what it is. I forgot the name. Heehehehe.

We were really hungry by the time we came out, so we went food hunting. Expensive man restaurant food in Langkawi. I think we spent RM18 a meal on average. First makan stop: Telaga Cafe & Restaurant, a middle eastern restaurant. I had fish&chips(RM12), the rest had normal fried rice and chicken fried rice(RM6).All three not nice, but the Tomyam Meehon(RM8) Sam ordered was goooooood. It wasn't the normal type of tomyam we have in KL, and the noodles they use, wah... it has more sucking power than the most powerful vacuum. Before Sam could even finish half of the bowl, all the soup ended up in the noodles edi. The drinks we had were nothing special, but their juices were the best. A must try is their Telaga Special Juice (RM6). It's a mix of cucumber, pineapple, lemon and 7-Up. (Email or call them at 04-9552225)

By then in was early evening already, so we went to Pantai Chenang to check out the beach and I saw "Laksa Tsunami". I came to a conclusion that all their laksa stalls' names start with "Laksa" coz all 5 laksa stalls we came across were named Laksa something. Tsunami, Power, Mahsuri, Utara or onemorethatIforgot. So cute.

Lala-esque thingies we found. Alive somore!

We played around until we got tired and hungry, and then drove to Rasa Restaurant for dinner. Had ayam pandan (6 pieces for rm 15) which can beat the one in Good Evening Bangkok in OU, Asam steamed fish for RM27 which was not bad, and claypot tofu for RM15 which was too watery. (Call them at 04-9554940/9664940).

Pandan chicken

Remnants of the sour plum fish.

Claypot tofu.

Right opposite the restaurant was a little stall which sells handmade jewellery called ZackCraft. The owner is, of course, Zack, a Penangite who stayed in KL before moving to Langkawi. He has some very cool stuff, including custom necklaces made from coconut shell and carved to whatever design or name you want. Those go from RM25 -RM35, depending on the size and the next day, the gang ordered 5. Hehe, yes, five, which says Julia, Sam, Mich, Kevin, and Abby. (Birthday girl, couple, couple). He even has customers from overseas ordering stuff from him by email. (Call Zack at 012-4665564 or 016-4667443)

Us, and by us meaning me, being the wai sek (glutton) feller, suggested we go to that night's pasar malam (night market) at Kedawang Village. Wahliaooooooo! Superbly cheap stuff there! And by stuff I mean food la. =D Ice-cream for RM1, Ramli burger for RM1, Satay for RM0.30 a stick, and 10 pieces of keropok lekor for only rm 1!Nyam~~

After buying all those food, we drove back, ate, and slept. Piggies. =D


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