Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wen's Interpretation

Apologies to Wen for the really late interpretation for Blank Canvas. The truth is....I forgot-ted.=P
Sorry darling!

All righty then.

The box represents how you perceive yourself. If it's a small, unadorned box, you think very little of yourself but if it's some huge treasure chest, ego la you. Hehe. Wen, you're great la, not some tiny take away box.

The flowers represent your friends, and where the flowers are represent how close your friends are to you. Wen's field full of daisies are "outside a window a la Sound of Music. it's no where near the container" so she has many many many friends, but no one she truly trusts all her inner most secrets.

The ladder signifies your ambition. The taller it is, the higher you want to move up the ladder. The sturdier it is, the stronger you think your foundation is. Wen, infinity goes a looooong way.

The cat/horse is supposed to represent your wife/husband. Wen, since you wanted to do a cat, you might be a closet lesbian. Ahahahhaha no la nice point to kacau on oni. =P The adjectives you used to describe your animal is how you would like your future other to be like. (Buff and sleek hor wen? Hehehe)

The bad weather represents problems in your life. If you perceive it and feel it, you know your problems and you're doing something about it but if you know it's raining but it doesn't effect you, you aren't doing anything to solve your problems. The intensity of the storm/wtv is how bad you think your problem is la.


At 22 July, 2007 13:07 , Anonymous wen said...

lol. i terforgot-ed bout that too =p

At 22 July, 2007 13:11 , Anonymous wen said...

hahaha. i tot of the takeaway box coz i just ate dinner then =p i ta pau something...forgot what tho

most of it is pretty accurate tho O.O

eh, so mine is a short rain that i barely means it's a small prob that i didn't do anything bout ka?

At 22 July, 2007 22:32 , Blogger Fei said...

wen: hmm, not sure bout that one, but maybe?


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