Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Langkawi, Day 2

I was such the mom when it came to waking up. 6am every morning and bathing in not even lukewarm water just so the three can sleep a little longer, and boy can Kevin sleep. Had brekkie (buffet opens from 7.30-10.30) and drove towards the east of the island. Since we didn't want to spend so much time travelling, we decided to do and see everything there is to do/see in that one day.

First stop, Kota Mahsuri.

It used to be free, but not anymore. It's RM5 per entry for students. Worth paying, especially on a hot hot day. The museum has air conditioning. Heehee. Same old stuff there - the grave, the well, the shop selling tourist stuff. But there were new additions, not only the museum but also some birds and animals.

And also this. A "real" kampung house. With a window in the middle of the tiny hall. Yeap. So realistic.

Next stop was Kuah town, or to be exact, Langkawi's largest shopping mall. They were upgrading the bridge that leads straight to the mall, so we detoured and went on the wrong direction on a one way road with cars coming for a little while before finding our way. Quite fun though. Hahaha.

The biggest shopping mall was quite a let down. Big, yes, but there were less shops there than Atria! Good place to get cameras though ( I think). It had the most concentrated number of cam shops in a single place. The thing is, they all give different prices and are located quite far from each other, so some walking would be required to get the best deal.

Shrimp and lobsters baking in the sun.

While an octopus shouts at an eagle fishing. Weird, but cute deco pieces in the mall.

Langkawi isn't that much of a shopping haven. Other than tech gadgets, ciggies and booze, everything else would be of the same price or even more expensive than KL. After looking around for stuff to buy, only I came out with purchases. 2 bottles of Absolut Raspberry ( one for me and another for IPP Joanne) for only rm 90. Cheapo! Even the bottle PP Harley bought for Tommy at the airport was more expensive.

On the way out, we saw the sign for the docks, and since beside the docks was the Lang Square, we headed there for photos. Oh, and did I mention that it was super sunny?

I really need a tan.

To own a wide angle lens camera.

Kevin's head got hidden.

After a few more shots and lunch at the docks ( KFC, and it's more expensive there than in KL), we drove up north to the Bird Sanctuary. RM20 per entry for students. (That's why I say you should bring your student card. Doesn't matter it has expired, just try your luck. All of ours were expired in June anyway)



Uh oh.

Kev actually let the eagle perch on him. Without Dettol wipes nearby. After it pooped while standing on my shoulder. Missed the "target" though. Lucky me.

Btw, if you plan to buy booze, it's cheaper at the Bird Sanctuary than the only shop selling liquor sanctuary at the mall.RM42 at the sanctuary vs RM 45 at the mall.

By the time we left, it was already late afternoon so we drove to Tanjung Rhu to compare the quality of the beach.

So so la.

But still better than Cenang.

Since Tanjung Rhu Resort did only a so so job on cleaning the beach for us freeloaders their guests, we decided to drive down to The Datai and checkout how clean they got their beach to be.

We took the back way in. Waltzing in the front door was too conspicuous.

Pretending to stay at one of their chalets, which turned out to be one of their restaurants or something like that. =P

Pretend some more.

"Dinner" by on the beach. Rawr I want money.

Since Black Sand Beach was nearby, we decided to drive there and check out their beach. What we saw? This.

Even if the colour was caused by mineral deposits, the beach was still really dirty. Rubbish was everywhere, and there was the stench of something rotting in a pile of drain gunk lingering.

We made the unanimous decision to go back to Tj Rhu beach.(When you can't get the best, settle for second best la) At least there they can't kick us out if they find out we're freeloading on their cleanliness. *grin*

The shining sun, warm sand, and cold surf got most of us stuck on the beach at the start. 421461294612947 pounds of sand on me made me stay. The fun of burying me made the rest stay.

The depression near Kevin's right hand was made by his butt. Don't mess with skinny asses.

We left when it started drizzling so we packed up, rinsed with clean water we took, dried up as much as possible with the towels we sneaked out of the hotel and drove home. After bathing and all, I took out the chocs I bought at the jetty and found that my bar of dark choc with almonds transformed *insert Transformers famous sound here* into this

It melted and got squished and since our room was really cold, it froze permanently! Grawr! Luckily the seal didn't break, or I'll be fighting a losing battle with ants for the rest of the trip.

After resting a while we got hungry so we went out to L'Osteria for dinner as one of the receptionists recomended it. Not bad, but priced the same as KL Italian restaurants though.

Pizaa La Anatia-or-something-like-that: Wood fired pizza with smoked duck, olives and a number of cheeses.Very good. RM26

Pizza Bianca: Wood firedpizza with salmon and again, 2 types of cheeses which I can't remember for the life of me. Also RM26

Sam and Kev promoting the bottle of olive oil with dried chillies in it.

As you can see, I'm anti chillies.

Do not order Bailey's here. rm12 for a shemalllll portion. Sigh. Regretted, but I couldn't find small bottles of Bailey's for sale. =( and the gang don't drink, or at least not then, so a huge bottle wouldn't do.

The cherry stem Sam tied with his tongue. Kevin tried. Keyword: tried. Nyehehehe. Abby still loves you laaaaaaaaa..

I forgot to ask for a card, and the reciept they gave was the type you buy from the bookstore, so sorry peeps, no contact details. L'Osteria's on the free map you can get from the airport though, so no probs there. It's at Pantai Tengah, right beside the road near the fork so you won't miss it.

After dinner we went to Zack's place to order the coconut shell pendants things (5 for rm125), went back to the hotel, played a couple of rounds of Big2, and dozed off.


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