Saturday, August 11, 2007

Langkawi, Day 3

Count how much water we drank, excluding drinks during meals and such. 5.5 litres a bottle kay.

Day 3 was the first time we went over to our hotel's sister hotel, Langkasuka Beach Resort. No, we didn't decide to suddenly change lodgings becouse we saw ghosts, but just for their private beach.

After breakfast at the hotel (free mah) we had the front desk arrange for the free feeder bus van to come pick us up and since we were still waiting for the fresh towels to come and Langkasuka provides beach towels, we didn't have to sneak towels out edi.

The lovebirds.


The merman with huge boobs because Abby wanted them to be.

His tribute to her.

Getting camera-shy edi.

Super Sam!

Super Sam and Kev Boy!

Stoning while trying to tan. The current whiteness of my legs shows my attempt failed...dreadfully.

Mr Krabs!

Played in the sand and sea until noon-ish, when it started to rain...again. We have no luck when it comes to beaching. At the room, we tossed around some ideas on where to go, but no plans were made for the afternoon. Everything we wanted to do was only on/best to go in the evening, so we joked that we'll just sleep the afternoon away. The joke became reality. Hehehehe. One by one we dropped like flies and by the time everyone was up, it's early evening. We washed our faces and drove down to Pantai Cenang again just to walk about the beach, stared at foreign family playing some game which has spitting and throwing in it, contemplated going on the para sailing thingy until finding out the price (rm60) and then went for dinner.

Dinner was at the much anticipated CoCo Beach Restaurant which just happens to be the nearest one to our hotel (they provide free feeder van services to certain areas). We were the only ones there at first (6-ish pm) and were hoping we'll be the only ones there until we leave but tak jadi, a bunch of adults came and their little corner became auntie-land. Ordered soft shell crab, fish, bbq-ed prawns, and a broccoli & cauliflower dish.RM128.50 for the dishes, RM4 for the rice (RM1x4) and RM5 for a pot of tea. Totally not worth it. Only the soft shell crab was nice, but that was becouse it was soft shell crab. =P Waste of RM 144.40.(If you don't believe me, try them yourselves. 04-9555000. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Almost private dinner.


Practising some more... =P

Waiting for the sun to set.

Waiting some more for the sun to set.

Until we got fed up.

Super Sam and Kev Boy to the rescue!

Tadaa! Just when we were pulling out of the drive way, Kev, (or was it Sam) spotted the sun.

Pretty leh?

Prettier leh?

After dinner we went back down to Pantai Cenang to get the ordered necklaces from Zack, walked around to find souvenirs for those we requested for them *ahem jo aimi grace ahem* but found nothing nice or different from all the typical pencils and magnets and notebooks for tourist crap.

By the time we reached the hotel, we, ie Sam and I, felt like karaoke-ing but the lounge was full with Ma...err, halal people smoking and playing pool, and since I can't stand being in such a smoky place (like chimney oni) for long, we decided to just go back and have fun in the room.

Yea, day three was quite unproductive.


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