Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Langkawi, Day 4

Did our (then) daily routine of waking up, bathing and breaking fast before walking to Langkasuka (their van was busy picking up workers until 9am) and beached around. No pics then, and no sun... again. I had totally no luck getting a tan.

Checked out at 12pm so we didn't have to pay for the few extra hours we had until our flight, so we packed everything into the car and drove off. On our way to the cable car at Mt Mat Cincang, we dropped by some craft shops. Everything was so similar I believe they bought it from the same supplier. Again, nothing worth getting for the three.

Can't remember how much was the Malaysians' price for the cable car, sorry. They use RFID cards as the tickets, for tracking any missing person maybe? It was drizzling when we went up, so it got really foggy and cold so they view's kinda whacked.

On the way up we saw 2 waterfalls.


First base.

Peak. The sign says 710 metres above sea level btw.

On the way down. Had to stick my hand out the window to avoid the raindrops on the window.

When we got down, it stopped drizzling so we walked around the compound and found these.

Rabbit after rabbit after rabbit pooping everywhere in their enclosure.

Deer adding to the poop.

Ellie adding poop in its own compound.

They had at least 3 different bridges there as well.

The highlight of our trip to Mt Mat Cincang: A monitor lizard gorging itself on a freaky long snake.

By then the car was running low on petrol, so we drove to the nearest petrol station, which, btw, wasn't as near as shown on the map. Even before we reached the petrol station, the warning light was already on. Good thing we made it in time so we didn't have to push the car.

We found the yatch docks.

After lepaking around for a while and deciding that the food at the docks were way to expensive, we drove back to Pantai Cenang to look for food but nothing else got our interest so in the end we drove to the airport, returned the car, and had dinner at Kenny Rogers.

Our flight was delayed due to the renovations at KLIA's runway (only one was open for use and LCCT uses KLIA's runway) so we had to wait and think of options in case we miss the bus.

Sad people.

On the bus. RM9 one way, stops at Subang Parade.


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