Monday, August 20, 2007

Purple poop-less!

Ahahaha I've been so gross lately. You know you love it!! =P

Got my GCE A-level results already. Pfffffbt. Dentistry is no more an option. I'll rather do psychology than waste time studying dentistry in a place which not only has my intake as its first, but have their cert from some unknown-to-the-world university.

Lemme see, what have I been doing, other than eating, sleeping, and grandma-sitting...

Last Thursday was dinner with Chia, Ty, KH, CS at Murni's. (Chia left already! She should have reached US of A by now. Missing you already!)

Last Friday was steamboating with Abby, Kev, Sam, Wil and Pete at Yuen's. Omg the people there. I know their chicken wings are good, but not so that you have to act like you've never eaten in 23472104864012 days right? I only manage to get some wings by the third try, and the crazy uncles and aunties were pushing and grabbing away! One even used a plate and did a scoop-and-throw method to get a huge plate. Crazy I tell you.

A few days ago I got my Ratatouille tickets in the mail, thanks too NuffNang. (Timothy Tiah faster do another bloggers gathering!) The thing is, my sister watched it already, and so did Mund (it's been too long since we saw each other) and practically everyone else are on a different schedule now ( STPM Trial's coming!) especially those who are working. Add the terms and conditions for redeeming the tickets (Mon-Thurs, after the 1st week of screening) and that means practically no one would be joining me. Hahahahah so sad go and watch twice by myself mehhhhhhh??? NoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo!

Friday night was a little girls' night out with babes I've not seen for 7 years, Sook Mun, Christine Wong, and Jodi. Chia the VVIP of the night couldn't make it becouse of gastric, but at least the girls got to go to her place and see her one last time before she left on an jet aeroplane.

Yesterday was my first time driving ever since I got my driving licence 25 months ago. My dad got me so happy finally being able to drive, until he stopped me not 5 minutes later and said "Bei lei char har song har je la" ( Let you drive for fun abit oni la). WTTooooooot wehhhhhh!! I so song song driving edi (not much traffic ma) and he asked me to stop. Jhor!

This afternoon was lunch with Ty, Paintball is supposed to be sometime this week, and sorry Leon, no Penang this weekend for me. Too broke already. Don't know whether I'll be going for the Sloggi thing on Sat, and a holiday with my sis during the long weekend ( Merdeka yo!) will have to be cancelled since my relatives from SG are coming up on the 31st.

Mom said Grandpa and Grandma would be going back to Ipoh next month, but my plans for working will still have to wait until my paternal Grandma goes back to Pangkor. Me and my Amah, alone every day, oh please don't let it be long. I don't want to be a sui char boh to her but sometimes, or more like everytime she tests my patience so.

Mae, Wen, come back in Nov please! Hopefully I'll be able to go overseas for studies and if I do, that will be my last chance to see you guys and go for a holiday together! If I do fly somewhere for studies, I doubt I'll be coming back to Malaysia very often, unless it's Singapore la but then again, can I get into super kiasu-land's universities anot first?


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