Saturday, August 25, 2007

Texas Hold-em Poker

Facebook got me addicted to poker. On the first day playing, I lost all my 300 chips. That's how badly I was stuck with poker. Thank goodness it's not real cash, or you might see my name in the next article about tai yee longs... ok, so maybe if it's real cash I wouldn't play at all la, but you get my point in how much I played right? Right.

To learn, I played the solo version, as in me vs the computer. If jayisgames didn't give a review about it, I most probably wouldn't have understood anything from instructions online. After getting bored of that I went on with the Yahoo! Games version. Boringgggg. It's super slow, the sounds they use hurts the ears, and you can't raise more than what Yahoo! sets.

And that's where Facebook comes in. Mwaa Facebook! Not only the pace is set by the players, but there's a mute button and you can bet however much you want. Not only that, can savour some eye candy and get a few compliments too. =Þ Of course, friends can be made, jokes thrown around and learn a few things. (Bunnies squeak at night, and there's a brand of toothpaste called Chinky in HK)

The only thing I don't like about poker on Facebook is that some people are just such sore losers. If you're losing, stop playing la. Not like it's real money anyway.

Boo to those peeps. Back to poker for me.

edit: Hehe, I'm getting Suyan addicted now. =P


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