Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm a lazy bumbumbum

Glitch in the system. So that's how I'll look like as a white male. Hmmm.

Heh. The "woman" looked really like a woman at the start, but once they zoomed in, *shiver*

Ahahahahah. I wanna play also!

Great stuff from BentObjects.

Playing tetris on a building. No, my grammar is correct. Check it out. Scroll down a little.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Pn Sally!

After more than 1.5 years, I finally met up with Pn Sally!

Chin Han picked me up before going to DJ to get Pn Sally before heading of to The Gardens for Pn Sally's Isetan and Robinsons. Yes, HER Isetan and Robinsons.

Walk walk, talk crap, shop shop, 5 hours go by. Heehehehe. Who else can chill so long with their teacher man? Hahahahahaha.

Off to clean the house before DoReMi and the rest of the family come over.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Details for Sha

Somewhere, sometime in Kuang (sorry, not Kluang yea) someone noticed a lorry parked beside a clinic for some time. He/She got suspicious and called the police. Yes, they DO actually come and check whatever problem/complaint logged. Heehehe, I tought they don't. So, the police officer who came to check out the lorry matched the number plate to my dad's lorry and Tadah! my dad gets his lorry back!

The paperwork got done my 10 something last night after the wheels of progress got greased, if you know what I mean. My dad would have had to wait for 2 weeks if he didn't.

Monday, September 24, 2007

They found it!

I'm sorry for all those times I thought that our Malaysian Police force were totally incompetent. I'm soooooo wrong! They might have a problem with rasuah (bribery) and all that, but their good at finding stuff. And typing. Their very good at typing.

As you've read from the previous post (assuming you've read it of course) my dad's lorry got stolen a few nights ago when my family had a streak of bad luck. Today, as my dad and I were walking to the car, he received a call from the police that they've found his lorry. Yay! no more dad to bug me 24/7 He doesn't have to buy another lorry!

*taken out coz I got scolded. Yah. Pity me. Thanks.*

On a whole other topic, Aimi left for UK yesterday, or more precisely, early this ,morning. *shouts for joy* Hahahhahahahah Aim, I hope you'll read this. We tried to have a farewell dinner for her, but practically everyone can't make it, so in the end it was only Kevin, Natalie, their parents, Zue Aimi and myself at Sakae Sushi, Subang Parade. Thanks for dinner Mr and Mrs Kang!

All of us forgot our cameras, so we had to make do with Kevin's 3.2 mp cameraphone and he hasn't uploaded them yet. So, wait only la har for my beautiful face. No, you're not allowed to vomit or gag.XÞ

Tonight will be Zhen's farewell at OU, since he's leaving on Thursday already. Not sure who'll be there though.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Black clouds.

There was a blackout at my row of houses last night, just as everyone was about to go to bed.

No one at the TMB offices picked up the telephone.

Mosquitoes bred like crazy yesterday.

Someone stole my dad's lorry.

Only 1 car's left as transportation in my family.

Say goodbye to silence and privacy in the day.

edit: It's now 1.59AM of the next day. Yesterday, there was yet another blackout for at least 3 hours. Thank goodness I could sleep through it. Last night, again the power went out about 11-ish and came back on in about 15 minutes. My IELTS exam starts in less than 6 hours (It's 2.01 AM now) and I can't sleep becouse I slept too much this last afternoon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jing Wen's 19th and Farewell.

I tell you everyone's leaving me.

So sad tau. Sob.

I was almost an hour late since my mom only came back at 7.30, and her party was supposed to start at 7. Not my fault! Well, turns out that I was one of the earlier ones since alot more came waaaay later than me. Tau lah, Malaysian timing... cakap pukul 7 mesti baru start kat pukul 9 punye. Hahahahaha. Please don't let that be a habit of mine. I like to be known as punctual, thank you.

Note that I was following JW's style.

I so got cropped out of the shot!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! And saliva masuk kekkkk..hahahhaha.

Her familia.

She has like so the many trophies for playing the piano so we made her play 231204720814612 songs for us... after almost everyone else left that is. She shy ma.

First shot, biasa.

Second shot, taiwan ah moi style.

Easter Eggs.

And so at last the beast fell and the unbelievers rejoiced.
But all was not lost, for from the ash rose a great bird.
The bird gazed down upon the unbelievers and cast fire
and thunder upon them. For the beast had been
reborn with its strength renewed, and the
followers of Mammon cowered in horror.

from The Book of Mozilla, 7:15

Coolness right? Open your mozilla browser and type " about: mozilla ".

1. Open an empty notepad file
2. Type
3. Save it
4. Close and re-open it

There are also a number of easter eggs in Microsoft Office, say the pinball in Word '97 and Space Invaders in '99. Also, credits for the makers and other stuff. Too many to list so ban ban lai kee kwa la kay?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Uh huh

Yes I miss you toooooooooooooooooo!

But not you.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My whole body's aching.

I'm so so horribly unfit. All my muscles are aching after less than 3 hours of paintballing.

Again, no photos since we were afraid any of our cameras will get stolen (no lockers) and we convieniently forgot that at least 3 of the players would be driving. Hehe. Oh well.

This isn't much of a post actually; I just wanted to break the a-post-every-four-days curse. =P

Lemme see, what's going on now...

Couldn't go for a classmate's birthday dinner yesterday. No transport. Sigh.

Another classmate's birthday cum farewell's on Tuesday. Anyone know where USJ2 is at?

Taking my IELTS speaking test this Thursday, and the rest on Saturday. Oh my buddha it's been so long since I wrote a proper essay and spoke proper EnglandEnglish until I'm actually nervous. Yes, nervous for an English test. Nervous that I wouldn't be able to get a band 6.5 for all the sections. Uh huh, that nervous. I've even been practising my essay writing and you all know how much I hated having to write essays in high school. Bleh.
Someone please take away my lahs and urrrs for a week. Please?

The Selayang Municipal council finally decided to withdraw their stupid stray dog killing contest.

I missed watching a Malaysian minister give a speech on BBC last night. Seems to have caused quite a hoohaa in the sidelines.

I have to accept, decline or postpone my offer from UNSW by the 28th.

I still don't 100% know whether I'm making the right decisions. I looked through the classifieds today, and came across only one, ONE job offer for someone with a degree in social science. If I go through with psychology, would I get a job?

I want to call everyone I know who's overseas and talk for an hours at least but I'm already broke.

I'm still looking for work. Not gone anywhere else to look though, so I'm still a little in the dark about the rates.

I miss all of you, and going to miss the rest of you.

I'm getting more and more emo as the year passes by. Hopefully I won't get all spanish soap opera on you people.

Streamyx sucks. Oh wait, that's not current news. My bad.

I just realised this post is so Wennieboo's style. Heeheehe.

And I'm so self-centred. Every line starts with I. I I I I I.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


If you're looking for part time work, don't bother going to KLCC. There may be many openings now, but they're all either for full timers or only pay RM4 an hour. FOUR.

Return LRT ticket to KLCC from Kelana Jaya : RM4.80
Lunch/ Dinner : RM10

Minimum average daily cost: RM15.00

Daily pay: RM4 x 8 hours (1 shift) = RM32.

Amount left after travelling and food: RM 32 - RM15 = RM17.

Seventeen measly ringgit for a whole day's work. And it's not even the type of work where you can just stand there and only need to move when you're in someone's way. It's the type where customers will actually ask for your opinion (who asks " Who was the 1988 Globe award winner for best supporting animal?" when they go buy a DVD? Gosh. Wierdos), make you run around looking for their size, show you the ke lian (pitiful) face when you tell them it's out of stock, as if you're hiding all the stock under your shoe or have kids running and screaming and squirming about and will smile and say " Aren't they adorable?"

Suria KLCC, you may have all the designer labels selling their stuff there, but temp work wise, you suck la weh.

One Utama, Curve, even (laugh with me now) Amcorp Mall, here's Fei coming at 'cha!

And I realised that I regurgitate a new post every 4 days. Hah. The irony.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


After more than 19 years, this useless fat fly isn't going to be so useless anymore.

She's going job hunting tomorrow.

I wonder how much is the rate for a temporary worker nowadays. At least rm5 an hour I hope, since the first stop for my search is KLCC. I don't want to work a whole day and earn just enough to cover my transport and makan costs. A bit the setupid right then?

Oh, and I made my first stencilled shirt today! Ok, I didn't make the shirt myself, but I did design, make and stencilled the design all by myself! It's not perfect, it being my first time and all (and I seriously need to get a better blade. Do not ever buy cheapo 90 sen blades. Waste of money I tell you) but I am happy about it. Thinking of a way to complete my "3 blind mice" design now. Anyone can think of a way to put the word "blind" into a graphical form? Window blinds won't work, or at least not those I've drawn or got of the Internet, and the eye with a pangkah over it isn't that pretty. If that design doesn't come out right, I'll go right on to my Old Skool line. =P Gonna search for cheap blank t-shirts too tmrw.

IELTS. Anyone took it recently? Any tips? How's the listening and writing part like? And about the writing part, anyone know what style they like? (Yes, I'm still ticked off about my 1119 results. I DESERVE an A1! How many students can get perfect scores on their essays huh? Huh?!?!?! Grrrrrrrrr)

Grandma and grandpa's back in Ipoh now. Without a doubt he won't be taken care of as well as when he was here (I was almost always at home, and mummy controlled his diet very tightly) but at least he'll be happier at his own home, and his friends can come and visit him.

Paternal Grandma has been "shipped off" to my uncle's place. Well, more like my aunt's place since my uncle's station in Penang for a few years. Hehehe, no points for guessing why I'm looking for work now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It's my "holidays" and I'm staying at home.

Yep. Home.

It's giving me too much time to rethink my choices and add in what my brother talked to me about, the more undecided I get. I do not want to regret my decisions like he did, neither do I want to be stuck on middle ground for the rest of my life. Whatever I would be studying in the near future would be the basis of my adult life, work, social, probably even family.

My brother asked me why I want to do psychology. I couldn't answer him. Yes, I like helping people with their problems, understanding human behaviour, reading between the lines, but do I like it so much I want to spend my whole life doing it? I don't know. I don't think I'm the kind of person to stick to the same job until I retire. Would I be able to perform well under a boss, be he (or she) a great one or a slave driver or would I excel in my own company, as my own boss?

I want total freedom, yet I need guidance.

He asked me to write a paper on what I am in the next 10 years. Cis, everyone wants to be successful, have a great family, the envy of neighbours, adored by the world, yet keeping their own world private, away from prying eyes.

But that's too general, isn't it? Success is different for each person, and the ways to reach it not infinite, but not bound to one black and white ladder either. A family's always fabulous, but 10 years into the marriage people change and their darker side seems a little darker everyday.

What kind of success do I want? How am I going about to achieve it? Everyone can achieve success, but do they really want to? Talk is cheap, action isn't.

7 years ago, a palmist told me I have everything I need in life, I just need to go and do it. I was fated to be a boss lady, travelling around the world but (don't you just hate that word?) I need to put whatever effort in to reach the top of that ladder.

There are many questions that need answering, and no one but me can do that.

Everyone pray that I can understand myself.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

.tk is gone.

dotTK is gone! No more irritating popups!

Sam's birthday and Grace's Farewell

Bday boy, working, working.

Bumming, off to UK on the 19th.

Bday boy hiding JoJo.

Leaving for India, leaving for UK.

Leaving, working, studying.

Bumming, leaving.

Nothing special happened, except there were 3 other birthdays celebrated at the same place and time. No prize for guessing where. Oh, and that Grace spent 8 hours waiting to get her visa. 8 hours. O. M. G.

I only have some of the photos taken, hopefully sailormoon will bring a copy of hers today. Btw, (mae, stop reading or you'll say I evil again) I'm going for a nasi lemak party in an hour. Zue's mom's cooking.