Wednesday, September 12, 2007


If you're looking for part time work, don't bother going to KLCC. There may be many openings now, but they're all either for full timers or only pay RM4 an hour. FOUR.

Return LRT ticket to KLCC from Kelana Jaya : RM4.80
Lunch/ Dinner : RM10

Minimum average daily cost: RM15.00

Daily pay: RM4 x 8 hours (1 shift) = RM32.

Amount left after travelling and food: RM 32 - RM15 = RM17.

Seventeen measly ringgit for a whole day's work. And it's not even the type of work where you can just stand there and only need to move when you're in someone's way. It's the type where customers will actually ask for your opinion (who asks " Who was the 1988 Globe award winner for best supporting animal?" when they go buy a DVD? Gosh. Wierdos), make you run around looking for their size, show you the ke lian (pitiful) face when you tell them it's out of stock, as if you're hiding all the stock under your shoe or have kids running and screaming and squirming about and will smile and say " Aren't they adorable?"

Suria KLCC, you may have all the designer labels selling their stuff there, but temp work wise, you suck la weh.

One Utama, Curve, even (laugh with me now) Amcorp Mall, here's Fei coming at 'cha!

And I realised that I regurgitate a new post every 4 days. Hah. The irony.


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