Saturday, September 15, 2007

My whole body's aching.

I'm so so horribly unfit. All my muscles are aching after less than 3 hours of paintballing.

Again, no photos since we were afraid any of our cameras will get stolen (no lockers) and we convieniently forgot that at least 3 of the players would be driving. Hehe. Oh well.

This isn't much of a post actually; I just wanted to break the a-post-every-four-days curse. =P

Lemme see, what's going on now...

Couldn't go for a classmate's birthday dinner yesterday. No transport. Sigh.

Another classmate's birthday cum farewell's on Tuesday. Anyone know where USJ2 is at?

Taking my IELTS speaking test this Thursday, and the rest on Saturday. Oh my buddha it's been so long since I wrote a proper essay and spoke proper EnglandEnglish until I'm actually nervous. Yes, nervous for an English test. Nervous that I wouldn't be able to get a band 6.5 for all the sections. Uh huh, that nervous. I've even been practising my essay writing and you all know how much I hated having to write essays in high school. Bleh.
Someone please take away my lahs and urrrs for a week. Please?

The Selayang Municipal council finally decided to withdraw their stupid stray dog killing contest.

I missed watching a Malaysian minister give a speech on BBC last night. Seems to have caused quite a hoohaa in the sidelines.

I have to accept, decline or postpone my offer from UNSW by the 28th.

I still don't 100% know whether I'm making the right decisions. I looked through the classifieds today, and came across only one, ONE job offer for someone with a degree in social science. If I go through with psychology, would I get a job?

I want to call everyone I know who's overseas and talk for an hours at least but I'm already broke.

I'm still looking for work. Not gone anywhere else to look though, so I'm still a little in the dark about the rates.

I miss all of you, and going to miss the rest of you.

I'm getting more and more emo as the year passes by. Hopefully I won't get all spanish soap opera on you people.

Streamyx sucks. Oh wait, that's not current news. My bad.

I just realised this post is so Wennieboo's style. Heeheehe.

And I'm so self-centred. Every line starts with I. I I I I I.


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