Monday, September 24, 2007

They found it!

I'm sorry for all those times I thought that our Malaysian Police force were totally incompetent. I'm soooooo wrong! They might have a problem with rasuah (bribery) and all that, but their good at finding stuff. And typing. Their very good at typing.

As you've read from the previous post (assuming you've read it of course) my dad's lorry got stolen a few nights ago when my family had a streak of bad luck. Today, as my dad and I were walking to the car, he received a call from the police that they've found his lorry. Yay! no more dad to bug me 24/7 He doesn't have to buy another lorry!

*taken out coz I got scolded. Yah. Pity me. Thanks.*

On a whole other topic, Aimi left for UK yesterday, or more precisely, early this ,morning. *shouts for joy* Hahahhahahahah Aim, I hope you'll read this. We tried to have a farewell dinner for her, but practically everyone can't make it, so in the end it was only Kevin, Natalie, their parents, Zue Aimi and myself at Sakae Sushi, Subang Parade. Thanks for dinner Mr and Mrs Kang!

All of us forgot our cameras, so we had to make do with Kevin's 3.2 mp cameraphone and he hasn't uploaded them yet. So, wait only la har for my beautiful face. No, you're not allowed to vomit or gag.XÞ

Tonight will be Zhen's farewell at OU, since he's leaving on Thursday already. Not sure who'll be there though.



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