Sunday, September 09, 2007


After more than 19 years, this useless fat fly isn't going to be so useless anymore.

She's going job hunting tomorrow.

I wonder how much is the rate for a temporary worker nowadays. At least rm5 an hour I hope, since the first stop for my search is KLCC. I don't want to work a whole day and earn just enough to cover my transport and makan costs. A bit the setupid right then?

Oh, and I made my first stencilled shirt today! Ok, I didn't make the shirt myself, but I did design, make and stencilled the design all by myself! It's not perfect, it being my first time and all (and I seriously need to get a better blade. Do not ever buy cheapo 90 sen blades. Waste of money I tell you) but I am happy about it. Thinking of a way to complete my "3 blind mice" design now. Anyone can think of a way to put the word "blind" into a graphical form? Window blinds won't work, or at least not those I've drawn or got of the Internet, and the eye with a pangkah over it isn't that pretty. If that design doesn't come out right, I'll go right on to my Old Skool line. =P Gonna search for cheap blank t-shirts too tmrw.

IELTS. Anyone took it recently? Any tips? How's the listening and writing part like? And about the writing part, anyone know what style they like? (Yes, I'm still ticked off about my 1119 results. I DESERVE an A1! How many students can get perfect scores on their essays huh? Huh?!?!?! Grrrrrrrrr)

Grandma and grandpa's back in Ipoh now. Without a doubt he won't be taken care of as well as when he was here (I was almost always at home, and mummy controlled his diet very tightly) but at least he'll be happier at his own home, and his friends can come and visit him.

Paternal Grandma has been "shipped off" to my uncle's place. Well, more like my aunt's place since my uncle's station in Penang for a few years. Hehehe, no points for guessing why I'm looking for work now.


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