Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Choices choices choices

Moving house is such a pain when you're on a budget. A tight one at that.

I'll be needing a new bed set and closets and drawers for my new room, not to mention a full length mirror but until now I have yet to find ones that I like that isn't black. In fung sui, black is a colour to avoid as it sucks your luck away or something like that. Or my mom is tricking me to not choose black stuff. Hehehe.

I will not settle for a single bed. I rather use my old queen one. I woke up upside down a few times in my life so you can guess how much I toss and turn at night. My closet will have to be tall enough to hang dresses without crumpling the skirts and also wide enough to fit all my clothes. No, I don't have alot of clothes, just that I prefer to hang most of them. (Less ironing for me thank you very much.) Chest of drawers will need to be big enough to put all my crafting stuff, underwear, socks and other junk I have to have in my room. The mirror I'll need, well, because I need it la. You'll know what I mean when the closest full length mirror is at the stairs, and the closest mirror is in the bathroom and is barely big enough to reflect my shoulders.

Not only have I not found the bedroom set I love, but the 90271401826482161085 million paint colours is really making me dizzy. It's not white, it's rose white, or champagne white, sea white, brilliant white omg the horror. But white's so boring, but what other colour(s) then? Red's too bold for me, and my sis is planning to use a maroon in her room, so I don't want matching colours. Blues are more comfy, but isn't really my colour. Same goes with purples and pinks while yellows are way too hot for our weather.

Thom Filicia, HELP!


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