Sunday, October 21, 2007

Five things:

5 things found in my wallet :
- money
- IC
- driver's licence
- Cineleasure's card thingy
- list of books to sell

5 Things in my head:
- when to call Abby and gang over?
- what other ways are there to win in Mah Jong?
- Yay my first swap!
- why now blank t-shirts not in edi one?
- What to eat tomorrow?

5 words (for me, phrases) I frequently use:
- whattatoooot?
- iyeeeerrrrr
- eh eh eh
- jhorrrrr!
- I feel like eating something la...

5 Recent smses received:
- There's a meeting tonight at 8pm.
- 16 to 19 dec
- Buy blablablabla. Spammmmmmm!
- Go to Pyramid then I pick you up laa
- No

5 recent things I just did:
- Ate Vono's instant mushroom soup (bleeeh) with bread with garlic spread I made (not enough garlic and herbs)
- Watched Nip/Tuck
- Commented on the frequent sex scenes in Nip/Tuck
- Got really grossed out by the self-circumcision
- Prepared vege for mom

5 things in my wardrobe:
- tops
- bottoms
- an apron
- belts
- my crafting stuff

5 things I just ate:
- mushroom soup
- garlic bread
- wanton noodles
- corn flakes
- water

5 people I'm tagging:
- KH
- Ty
- Gracie
- Zue


At 23 October, 2007 04:41 , Blogger MzPinK13 said...

ok, u tagged me. I'll do it later. umm... remind me! Haha.

Hey, advice me on not caring wat someone else thinks abt my blog entry. 'Someone' is not happy with a post of mine. When i didnt even write the whole thing abt her. I think its just a case of 'makan cili rasa pedas'(or something like that).

Ok, u can tell im bored. Ill stop boring u too..



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