Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4 birds with one stone.

Celebrated 4 classmates birthdays last Friday. Wilson's was on the 9th, Kevin and Wai Kwan's on the 18th and darling Novie's coming on the 30th. It was at Flaming Steamboat, Sunway and if you want to try out that place, don't. The only thing nice was the staff calling to confirm the booking and their ice cream. Not worth the RM17.50 nett.

Nothing much happened, just the usual gather, eat, talk, pay, talk. Meet some new people (Wilson's friends) and oh, found out that Vee smokes. Tsk tsk Vee...

Don't have much photos with me as I didn't take that many. Didn't have the mood to camwhore. Surprised eh?

We ended up chit chatting until about midnight and I made it home just in time to watch Martha Stuart but even after her show I couldn't fall asleep but luckily it didn't really show the next day. =D


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