Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

After less than 5 hours of sleep, I dragged my ass to the shower to meet up with James at A&W.
Reached, waited around for everyone abit, and off we went to Jeevan Home in Klang after meeting up with the bus.

Got wished a good morning by extremely polite kiddos, did the headcount, wrote some name tags and off we went to the Eye on Malaysia. Please note, it's the Eye on Malaysia, not Eye of Malaysia. We only ciplak movies, songs and credit cards, not Ferris wheels.

The normal ticket price for adults is RM15 while for children between 3 and 12 and also senior citizens (55 and above) tickets are RM8 each. If you're going as a family, they do have a family package for 2 adults and 3 kids (RM 12 x 2 + RM6.40 x 3). If you want a private gondola, or if you have a group of 8 adults, it would cost RM100 while the VIP gondola will set you back RM200, with a maximum of 4 persons. What's so special? I have no idea, but I do know that you get a "free" soft drink.

Since we were a group of about 30, and the majority are orphans, Ying May contacted the Eye people in advance and got us a special price. How much I'm not sure at the moment but if you're planning a similar trip, contact those in charge and enquire. Ask and you shall be given, to quote the most read book in the world.

First group pic of the day. Sigh. To own a cam with wide angle lens.

Gurunathan took this. He's like, 6?

My gondola. 4 kids, Nelson, myself.

Poor horsies were foaming at the mouth from the heat, or the bit.

After the 15 minute ride, a round of ice cream (RM2 per scoop, per BIG scoop) we got on the bus again to go for lunch at, you guessed it, A&W.

We were somewhat early, so we waited, and waited, until balloons came into the scene and well, if you were a balloon, you would call it torture and a massacre.

After eating, everyone attacked Mr. Bear. How's that for creativity. Oh, and yes, Ah Ma joined in.

Rotaractors and guests, with the only ex-Rotaractor Nelson behind the camera.


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