Tuesday, November 06, 2007


"KAMI follows the individual stories of a group of five friends and the events that lead them to find each other."

Iyer doesn't sound interesting right? But translate it to BM and see..

"KAMI adalah kisah persahabatan lima orang sahabat dan perjalanan mereka dalam menghadapi liku-liku kehidupan."

Fuh...way better.

For those of you not in Malaysia, KAMI is a 8 episode series which revolves around 5 individuals, who end up being the closest of friends. Lynn aka teka-teki, the budding writer with her own fanzine KAMI, Ali, the ex-doper fresh out of rehab into a new school with his parents' relationship on the rocks, Sofie the daughter to a bimbo-y mom (she reminds me alot of a friend actually, or rather, Sofie's bf reminds me of a friend's bf), Adii, Ali's cousin who has to cope with her mom's degrading hearing and Abu, kleptomaniac, joker, always in the shadow of his older brother, even after he dies.

The one thing that all of them have in common - home grown music, from One Buck Short to Bittersweet.

Explaining the movie in a single post would be hard, so go to 8tv.com.my where you can watch all 8 episodes online or you can come over quick and I transfer it to you. I downloaded from Youtube. =P

There are a few scenes which they could have changed the props a little to make everything more realistic, say, Vanilla Ais' msn contact list (it had only ONE name on it, and that's Adii's!), but everything's good~~

The story would continue with KAMI - the movie which is scheduled to come out in 2008.


At 25 December, 2007 20:30 , Blogger Ai-Ra said...

it's a good tv-series. The theme songs keep on playin' in my head.
And Ali is so damn cute! (remind me of a friend who 90% exactly like him,cute little emo kid)


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