Thursday, November 22, 2007

Package from Finland

I joined a "My country doesn't have that" swap in Craftster recently and it's well worth the RM60.30 in postage to the US (Air mail's price suxxors!)

The one who was supposed to send me stuff was Trillian from Finland, and since fabric paint is so hard to find and expensive to boot, I requested for that.

The poor box. Either the plane went through a 5 hour storm or they played football during the loading.

Nyammm~! And my mom just told me to go on a diet yesterday.

Milk and white choco bar (edit: Makan-ed!! I miss white chocolate. Sigh), plus a white and blueberry chocolate bar. A little mushed, but definitely edible.

Gummies! Three big bags of them! Well, quite big la.
edit:hehe one of the dragster packets is officially empty.

Gummy bears beans and what I think is more chocolate. Either chocolate or sweets lah. Original, orange-mango and liquorice.

Hehehehehehe! So cute the packaging for the lolly! Heart shaped lolly somore.

Paint! I'm soooo happy with these man. Compare the sizes with that little bottle of black paint. That's the one I bought. RM17.50 I think, from Craft Haven. So if you want to calculate how much I "rugi"ed like my dad, I would say nothing. In fact, I untung-ed since the size of one bottle = two of mine, the paints alone would have cost me RM105, if I remember the price correctly.

Fused glass necklace! Handmade somore! Can't wait to wear it! Too bad Malaysia doesn't have the cheap material or kilns.


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