Thursday, November 22, 2007

Samsung FEI Contest

Grrrr. I sent in at least 300 entries and all I got was the consolation prize.

Sigh. And I need a new phone.

Anyone want to watch a horse show with me on Sunday?

edit: Ok, Compared to the top 2 winners, I soooo didn't deserve getting anything. Coincidentally the top two winners were my primary school friend, Hock Jeen and his mom, and one of the consolation prize winners were his dad. 80K entries weh!

Oh, I'm still looking for someone to go watch some horsies jump and run on Sunday... or to go kai kai with oso can. =P

edit: No one wanted to go out with me. =(


At 24 November, 2007 01:24 , Blogger dhawkster said...

Hey. Its Hock Jeen here. Not sure if you still remember me.

I saw your name in the Samsung winner's list. Was surprised at the same time pleased to know that I will be seeing a familiar face this coming Sunday.

I'm sorry your effort was wasted. I kind of got the 2nd place. My mum got 1st and my dad got consolation.

Did you take up a lot of time voting?

Anyway, hope to catch up with you this Sunday during the show. I assume that you are going to be there. Drop me a msg or call if if you're there. 012-2188732. I will probably go there at about 11 or 12.

By the way, I sent in close to 80,000 entries with my dad, mum and my own name. Will tell you more when I see you.

Take care! Smilez! :)

At 24 November, 2007 01:30 , Blogger Fei said...

Congratulations on your win! Fulahmak 80K entries. You guys so deserve it la.

Hehe, I multi-tasked as I voted. Nip/Tuck and clicking. =P

Not sure whether I'll be going for the championship as no one I'm close to is interested in it.=\

At 24 November, 2007 12:00 , Blogger dhawkster said...

Oh ok. But you typed out and filled up all 300 entries on your own? Copy and paste?

At 24 November, 2007 14:47 , Blogger Fei said...

Hehe, I cheated abit. My efforts were mainly backspace and click.

At 25 November, 2007 00:27 , Blogger dhawkster said...

icic. i tried that. but the moment i backspaced, all my particulars disappeared. so had to resort to manual.


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