Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Telephone Etiquette

Some people don't know that the proper way to react after calling the wrong number is to simply apologise.

In fact, even though you unknowingly called the wrong number and a stranger picks up the phone, you should ANSWER and apologise, not keep quiet each time the stranger says "hello?".

Also, after KNOWING you got the wrong number, you should NOT call the SAME WRONG NUMBER FIVE TIMES and still NOT ANSWER.

Even sending a text message to the WRONG NUMBER to ask "Nie
Syazmeer eh?" is not the polite, or even smart thing to do since the owner of that WRONG NUMBER will have to waste 20 sen just to reply to your totally-can't-be-understood-slang-Malay-unless-you're-a-Gen Y-Malaysian text message.

Also, if you want to reply to the very angry text message sent by the owner of the WRONG NUMBER which was in proper, if slightly vulgar message telling you no, it's not f**king Syazmeer and next time freaking ask whether you got the wrong number instead of calling 28461982649812 times you should either reply in your totally-can't-be-understood-slang-Malay-unless-you're-a-Gen Y-Malaysian language or PROPER ENGLISH instead of "YOu're the fucking bitch men!".

It's MAN asshole, MAN!


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