Sunday, December 30, 2007


Usually when I blog I can go on and on about a subject, but the past few weeks have been a slow for me. Somehow I just don't get that buzz anymore. Also, I realised my posts have become 100% where-I-went-what-I-did-who-I-saw, the most boring I can get. Even I couldn't finish reading the post, and just jumped from pic to pic.

As I type this out, I feel the Umph I usually get draining out of me at an accelerating speed, much like how the chicken wings from Yuen's leave the tray. Except, there isn't that many people who want me, or more accurately, my yellow brain.

Even doing my favourite time killer doesn't bring me the same joy anymore. Reading all my friends' blogs used to help me kill so much of my time, but nowadays I don't even bother anymore, and the bimonthly updates on most of them doesn't help much, and neither does my 56K-connection-in-disguise aka Streamyx subscription.

In a few days I'll be going for my course's oreantation day, marking the start of my uni life. Frankly, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. Afraid, for university is where they stop all the spoon feeding? But everyone goes through it, and most come out all right. Excited, for it's a new chapter in my life? But it's just another phase of studying, researching, making new friends, stressing.

With this I say goodbye, for all the chicken wings have been snatched away...


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