Saturday, December 08, 2007

A ray of sunshine...

The past couple of days have been so gloomy until I felt so emo, but yay! today, err, yesterday I went to the PC Fair at KLCC and got my 2G SD card for rm58 only! Bwahahahhahah camwhore to the maxxxxx! And I think that time was the time I had the most attention ever, even though it's just by sales people. =P

Last night was also Tysern's birthday cum post STPM barbeque, and KH, Wen, Raech and I had supper with Mae-ie at William's.

Sigh. I miss gossip sessions.

Happy times, happy times.

And as an extra happy point, I got 1,000 Facebook poker points, just becouse they like me. And all my friends missed me today. *Beam*

Yes, it says "becouse we like you"

Yalah, I know it's computer generated but let me have my happy moment lah kay?


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