Saturday, December 15, 2007

Slave Hack

Damn I'm way too addicted to the game.

Thurs I met up with my dears, V and all. Imagine, from seeing someone every day to have not seen her in more than 6 months. Sigh.

Eh, my processes finishing. Pic post only la.

Tsze was working at The Gardens, and we stole Mabs for a mo.
I miss-y everyone-y!

Not seen him since prom.

Cats lurrrrrrve him.


Grawrrrrrr Eugene Lee is way too tall! I was on tiptoes tau!

Fri night was supposed to be booze night with the girls, but tak jadi-ed, so it became loklok night!
Quote of the day: "Eh, got fire under there one ah?" Ahahahhahahah!

Only Evie brought her cam, mae thought I was bringing mine, and I thought she was bringing hers. Hehe.


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