Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Black day.


First, I had to turn back after walking half way to the train station becouse some idiot parked his lorry and blocked the stairs to the bridge, then on the RapidKL bus to my university two guys shouted to each other as if they were on opposite sides of the earth while they were sitting side by side right in front of me, my mp3 player died on me while playing only the second song, I didn't have my camera when the bus eased it's way past a burning car, my shoe strap broke right before I entered class, there were a gazillion people at the office staring at me staple my shoe straps together, the staples were happily creating a new dimple on my foot for the whole 2 hour lecture and decided to hate me just as I was walking to the bus stop and let my shoe fall apart just when it starts to rain cats and dogs. To top it all off, Giant ran out of flipflops (anyone ever seen the bin even close to half empty? wth man) and when I finally found a pair at 7-11, where the bus dropped me off, it's the last pair, and FOUR sizes bigger!



At 09 January, 2008 20:45 , Blogger Amilyn said...

a few years..or even just months later, you're going to look back at this and laugh. but for now, i'll do it for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAA!!! what an interesting day!! i wish something like that would happen to me instead of having a damn uneventful life.

At 09 January, 2008 21:07 , Blogger Fei said...


Grrrrrr! but seriously, so embarassing la weh, walking barefooted..and who knows how many diff parasites got into my foot edi..=(

At 09 January, 2008 21:14 , Blogger Amilyn said...

im laughing coz it happened to me before! hehehee. it was a rainy evening, was hanging out with friends and suddenly my sandals snapped. it was after 10, all shops were closed but people abundant. walked around barefooted but no one noticed! hahahaa


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